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IBC Women’s Ministry Blog – October 12, 2023

IBC Women’s Ministry Blog – October 12, 2023

Jesus Includes Women In His Story

By Susan Smith

From “Jesus & Women” by Kristi McClelland

Rabbis & Pharisees often taught by parables. Parables are stories told to help a person come to a decision. They are often told in parallel stories depicting various life scenes. The main character of the story would typically be a male. However, Rabbi Jesus often taught parables in the feminine form. In Luke, Jesus taught many parables or truths in pairs; one with a central female character, another with a central male lead. In Luke 15, there is a triplet of parables that includes male and female characters: the parables of the lost sheep (good shepherd), lost coin (good woman), and lost son (running father). Notice the difference in the titles by Western versus Middle Eastern scholars and also a parable actually called the good woman!

In Luke 18, Jesus taught a parable about the importance of praying with persistence. Jesus chose a widow to be the main character of this story. He could’ve told of Jacob or Abraham and their powerful prayers to God, but instead He chose a widow. This widow is able to wear down a godless judge by her persistence. From a Western lens, we might ask what does this teach me about me, but with a Middle Eastern lens, we ask what does this teach me about God? God is able to raise a powerless widow above a powerful judge through her simple asking.

Have you given up on praying for something? Are you still praying for something? God is the just and righteous judge who wants to bring you justice and righteousness.

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