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IBC Women’s Ministry Blog – October 15, 2020

IBC Women’s Ministry Blog – October 15, 2020

I Ate Your Almond Joy Cookies

By Jodie Montgomery


My daughter and her husband (and the perfect grandson on a first road trip) went to visit my brother and his wife. They all had a great time. My brother and his wife are wonderful and have a fun place in the country to visit. I was not on this trip but I still have something to blog due to this trip.


My brother’s wife, we will call her Helen, packed a goody bag for my daughter and her husband (not for the perfect grandson, he eats non-sweet squishy food, although she did include those really tiny goldfish crackers, so actually with him in mind too). This goody bag is at the heart of this story. You see, my daughter and her husband (and the perfect grandson) and the goody bag returned from the trip to my house as my other daughter and her husband were staying with me and my husband for a few days. We had a big sleepover at our house. When my daughter and her husband returned with the goody bag, the goody bag was placed on my kitchen table. There was no announcement about the bag or its contents. There was no signage regarding the bag. The fact that it was placed on the kitchen table meant that I could look in it and possibly enjoy its contents. I did so. 


When I first explored the goody bag I discovered under a variety of items, including Helen’s homemade or Betty Crocker mix brownies, a container of untouched almond joy coconut cookies. I removed a cookie from the carton, devoured it, and replaced the carton back in the bottom of the bag. I returned all the other items in order back into the bag. I figured that, if anyone cared, they would blame the AWOL cookie on my other daughter’s husband. 


About a half hour later, I realized that I wish I hadn’t bothered to repack the bag. I had to go into the bag and take everything out in order and repack it if I was going to get a second almond joy cookie. I did so.


Later I began to wonder, how many cookies were in the container and if anyone else was aware of their existence. I did another unpacking and repacked after reducing the container by one more cookie. It was late at night, the house was quiet, I reconsidered just eating one and so I unpacked and repacked again for a bedtime cookie. Please note I think gluttony is defined by eating a whole container of cookies in one day. I then went to sleep for that day.


The next day I went to work, it was a very busy day at work. I didn’t really think about the cookies and the goody bag other than to wonder why my family wasn’t eating all of the items in that goody bag and why it didn’t get relocated yesterday evening. I had a late day at work. When I went home, everyone was pretty snuggled in for the night. The goody bag had been opened and various items were out of the goody bag and sitting around the kitchen. The cookie container was on the kitchen counter with a great light shining on it (kitchen spotlight). The container was clear plastic. There were still two cookies. They were delicious.


Proverbs 23:1-3 When you sit down to dine with a ruler, consider carefully what is before you,
And put a knife to your throat If you are a man of great appetite. Do not desire his delicacies,
for it is deceptive food.