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Idlewild Kids Weekly Challenge

Idlewild Kids Weekly Challenge

Our challenge for this week is the Sidewalk Obstacle Course Challenge! You can get as creative as you want with your obstacles. Be sure to tag us @idlewildkids #idlewildkids and post your pictures and videos on Padlet!

Here are some ideas:

Start by drawing hopscotch

Write “twirl”

Draw big loop line

Write “jump turns”
(they jump and turn their bodies in the direction of arrows)

Two arrows (like where feet would go) next to each other pointing up.
Two arrows pointing to left
Two arrows pointing to right
Two arrows pointing up

Draw square and write “clap 5 times”

Write “frog jumps”
(This one you kind of have to jump yourself and see for spacing. Don’t jump as big as you can or else little ones can’t do it)

Draw a big circle where each foot goes.
Draw a small hand where each hand goes.
Repeat for at least 3 frog jumps (but can do up to 5)

Draw a rectangle and write “deep breath”

Write either “bear crawl” or “crab crawl” depending which one you want

Draw two parallel lines that stretch at least the length of 5 sidewalk squares.

Write “lilypad jumps”

Draw 6-10 lily pads (circles with a small pizza slice missing)

Write “long jump”

Draw horizontal parallel lines (about 6) and number each line

Write “run”

Draw a line that extends about 6-8 sidewalk squares.

Write “stop”
And write yay, good job, 😊 or whatever to indicate you’re done!