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In the Know: Pop Up Scripture

In the Know: Pop Up Scripture


When I traveled to England with my daughters to tour Jane Austen movie sites, my youngest daughter was monitoring social media for any “Pop Ups” we might pop in on. This was another fun adventure in the midst of a fun adventure. I appreciated my daughter’s keeping us aware of some impromptu blessings. It was also a joy to surprise the organizers of a Pop Up with actual people interested in their passion.

One of my favorite Pop Ups was a lady selling, from a cooler in an alley near Piccadilly in London, ice cream macaron sandwiches in really bizarre flavors. We tried three different flavor combinations and wished we had tried more. This was done on a cool day near a red telephone box in our rain boots.

Ever since that time, I thought what a gift to offer Pop Up Scripture, a valued resource to refresh the weary traveler. Last year, Pastor Edgar and I hosted a few Pop Up Scriptures very randomly without much notice. We are at it again only I’m trying to get the word out on the Pop Ups for 2020 as people last year kept telling me they wished they had known or at least known sooner. (You really don’t want to miss the first one but it is really soon-March 22!) The Pop Ups cover a few possibly controversial teachings. Pop Ups are to be current and offer something new. I hope you will help us get the word out about the gatherings and attend a few Pop Ups yourself. Be adventurous. I do think time in His Word is better than an ice cream macaron. I know “the best” would be time in the Word with your daughters…


Please register for our Zoom meetings by signing up HERE.


Online Zoom Meetings:

  • Death of Shame Sunday, March 26th at 10am,  Pastor Edgar Aponte
  • Centrality of the Local Church, March 30th at 10am, Pastor Edgar Aponte
  • Confronting Anxiety, April 6th at 10am, Jodie Montgomery
  • Scripting a verse with Krystal Whitten, April 28th at 7pm need paper, pencil, black pens, colored pencils or markers, ruler, & Bible
  • Disciple Making & Brokenness, April 29th at 2pm, Pastor Edgar Aponte
  • Romans 12:12 with Pastor Brian McDougall, April 30 at 2pm
  • Women in the Church, May 7th at 2pm, Pastor Edgar Aponte
  • Domestic Abuse Awareness and Response (please no children), May 11th, 2pm


Did you miss one of our online Pop Up Scripture meetings? Head to our Google Drive for playback files and other useful documents!


*The following may take place online or in person. Please be sure you are subscribed for our updates, and following us on social media to stay updated!

Sundays, 8 am, E214:

  • *Discipleship & Brokenness, October 11, Pastor Edgar Aponte


Wednesdays, 5:15 pm, E102:

  • *Death and Lament, July 29, Pastor Edgar Aponte
  • *Domestic Violence Awareness, August 12, Jodie Montgomery & Kathi Snyder Ramirez
  • *Realistic Friendships, September 30, Allison McCoy
  • *Biblical Forgiveness, November 11, Jodie Montgomery