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In The Know: Spring 2021 Women’s Bible Studies

In The Know: Spring 2021 Women’s Bible Studies

Spring Women’s Bible Studies, January-May 2021

Connect with God and other women around the Word of God.  Whether you are learning to study the Bible for the first time or a regular woman in the Word, we have a place for you to grow in your relationship and understanding of who God is.

All Spring studies begin the week of January 25. 

See below for ending dates, as well as study descriptions!


The Amazing Collection: The Bible, Book by Book

  • Grow in your understanding of how each book of the Bible is part of a bigger story that God is revealing in His Word.  For more information about this Bible study format visit
  • Will be studying the Paul’s Letters to the Churches this semester
  • Monday at 6:30 pm, led by Lyn Cassedy, in Room E107
  • Tuesday at 9:30 am, led by Ginny Whitten & Kim Griffin, Room E112, (Zoom option also available) 
  • Begins week of January 25, ends week of May 3

Jen Wilkins’ Better: A Study of Hebrews led by Allison McCoy

  • Expand your view of Jesus as we delve into how God provided “something better for us” through His Son.  Explore how Jesus is the fulfillment of what the Old Testament foreshadowed.  
  • Monday at 6:30 pm, Room E104, (Zoom option also available)
  • Tuesday at 9:30 am, Room E104, (Zoom option also available) 
  • Begins week of January 25, ends week of April 13

The Gospel of John, Chapters 11-21, led by Donna Fischbach

  • Many writers compare the Gospel of John to a pool in which a child may wade and an elephant can swim.  It is simple, yet deep. The beginning and mature believers will plunge into the ministry of Jesus through the eye witness of the disciple, John.  The beloved disciple saw Jesus differently from the other Synoptic Gospels.  Every event is written to prove that Jesus Christ is the Son of God so that you may believe and have eternal life.
  • Monday at 6:30 p.m., Room 102 (Zoom option also available)
  • Begins January 25, ends April 19

Precept Upon Precept 

  • Learn to study the Bible using an “inductive method” that teaches how to look at the scriptures verse-by-verse and word-for-word. For more information about this type of study visit
  • Tuesday at 9:30 am:
  • The Book of Daniel, Chapters 7-12, led by Maggie Wright, Room E107, 1/26-4/6
          • Does the turmoil in our times, the uprisings and the spiritual decay of many have anything to do with the Book of Daniel?  Daniel was a man who knew what God said about the end times.  He focused on what God said, not the events of his own time.  He had an impact on the people that God placed in his life. How do you live as a Daniel in the crucial days in which we find ourselves?  How can you dare to be different?  How do you get to know God Most High?  The Book of Daniel has the answers!
  • The Gospel of Matthew, Chapters 14-28, led by Gayle Kearney, Room E102, 1/26-3/23
        • When Jesus came, did people receive Him as the promised Messiah?  What did they say about His miracles and His teaching?  What caused them to call for His crucifixion?  He says He’s coming back.  If He came today, would people recognize Him? Join us to gain a deeper understanding of the resurrection and its power in your life.


The King and His Kingdom, led by Wanda Dearolf

  • Dig into the birth, life, death and resurrection of the long-awaited King, Jesus Christ, in this eleven-week, verse-by-verse study of the Gospel of Matthew.  Learn answers to vital questions such as “What are the terms of the gospel according to Jesus?”, “Why did the Jews reject their King?” and “What are the promises and responsibilities for His Kingdom citizens today?”.
  • Tuesday at 9:30 AM in Hall 1, Zoom option also available 
  • Thursday at 6:30 PM via Zoom only
  • Begins January 26, ends April 13

The Red Sea Rules led by Janet Rigby

  • Learn 10 spiritual strategies for difficult times learned during the Israelites trial at the Red Sea. The lessons learned by God’s people then, are timeless and valuable to our trials today.
  • Tuesday at 9:30 AM in E103
  • Begins January 26, ends April 20

The Wellness Revelation: Lose What Weighs You Down So You Can Love God, Yourself, and Others led by Deliana Blanton

  • Perhaps you have struggled with your weight your entire life, never feeling at peace and watching the  numbers on a scale go up and down. Perhaps you enjoy fitness but want more. The Wellness Revelation will challenge you to get fit by seeking God first and allowing Him to take you back to your whole self. You will learn how to live well both spiritually and  physically so that you are best equipped to love and serve others from a whole heart. Each week in this 9-week journey includes a teaching, weekly fitness training assignments, Bible study, 8-week workout calendar with video workouts, small-group questions, and more. Dress comfortable as some classes may involve some sort of movement. 
  • Monday at 6:30 PM in W307
  • Tuesday at 9:30 AM in W307
  • Begins January 25, ends May 3


Making Disciples, led by Amanda Alvarez

  • Many relationships in your life will be enhanced when you step into the role of disciple maker.  You and your disciple are going to see your lives changed forever as you learn and grow together.  Disciple making will always be a two-way relationship in more ways than you can imagine.  It will require an investment of time, heart, and prayer.
  • Monday 6:30-8:30 p.m. via ZOOM only 
  • Begins January 25, ends April 12



For more information or questions on the different Bible studies, contact Allison McCoy, IBC Women’s Bible Study Groups Coordinator,