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It’s an ugly word.

It’s an ugly word.


I had to tell a parent “No” this week.

I hate to say “No.”
I love to say “Yes.”
But I had to say “No” this time.

The question wasn’t hard.
It’s one I hear a lot.
“Is there care for my child during this upcoming event?”

This parent knows we try hard but don’t always succeed.

But this time I was delighted to say “No” to this parent.

Because this is one of those rare and wonderful events where everyone can fit and everyone understands.

If someone needs to jump or spin, it’s okay.
If someone is inclined to outbursts of joy or otherwise, it’s okay.
If someone needs to sit under a table to feel safe, it’s okay.
If someone wants to come up and help lead a song, it’s okay.

This is a total special needs family event.
Bring any special thing your loved one may need. It’s okay.

Jesus said, “Come. Bring the kids.”

And let me know you’re coming.

It will make my day.