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Kidz Matters

Kidz Matters

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Do kids even need us to pray for them? Kid’s lives are so simple. Home, school, sport, church, and repeat. How hard is that?

  • Fewer than half (46%) of U.S. kids younger than 18 years of age are living in a home with two married heterosexual parents in their first marriage.
  • 34% of children today are living with an unmarried parent—up from just 9% in 1960, and 19% in 1980.


How hard is divorce on the home-life of a kid? Just look into their eyes for a split moment. See the hurt, anxiety, fear, and even anger. Some might be fortunate enough to have a strong Christian in their life to point them to the healing comforter. Many harden their hearts to Him.

Evolutionized education reminds them regularly that they came from nothing and that God, morals, and family are for the feeble-minded. Parents, grandparents, and Sunday School teachers are left to stand in the gap of the daily barrage.

Sports are edging out church on both Sundays and Wednesdays as parents prioritize their weekly schedules. Think that sends a message to kids?

All Churches are not created equal. Just because a child attends church does not mean they are Christians or that they understand that God’s Word is supposed to affect their thinking. Their sexualized world is crouching all around them.

  • 54% of Americans and 24% of evangelicals believe Christians can support legal same-sex marriage and yet also affirm the church’s traditional definition of marriage between one man and one woman.


We must pray for our children, our grandchildren, and the rising generation. The enemy is stalking the weakest prey. We must pray for parents, grandparents, and single parents to prioritize their own walk with Christ. We must pray for God to call Christians into the school systems, into sporting roles, and into our Sunday School classes. We must pray for they will speak clearly and boldly. We must pray God will be the protector of both the speaker and the hearer.