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Love TPA – Student Mission Trip

Love TPA – Student Mission Trip

Dates: July 21-24

Cost: $99

Location: Idlewild Baptist Church | Student Building

  • Drop-off: Sunday, July 21 – 7pm
  • Pick-up: Wednesday, July 24 – 8pm


What is Love TPA?

Love TPA is an in-town mission conference focused on equipping students to reach the Tampa Bay Area with the gospel through servant evangelism. We will be partnering with various mission and outreach organizations in the Tampa Bay Area to take the gospel to our own community. Each day will include a combination of training, mission experience, and community involvement. Our desire is that students would not only walk away from this week with practical missions training but also with an awareness of the great needs which are present in our own city.


Why Tampa?

In Acts 1:8, Jesus says

and you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem, in all Judea and Samaria, and to the ends of the earth.

When Jesus commissions His church to share the Gospel, and to give an account about the hope they have found in Christ – He asks them to start in Jerusalem. Here is what He is saying – start at home. Start by sharing the gospel in the area that you already have influence. Start by sharing the gospel with those you have already invested in. Start by sharing the gospel in a location that you can continue to pour your life into.

We believe Jesus wants us to share the gospel with the world, and we believe Jesus wants us to start in Tampa. We believe He wants us to go across the street before we go across the world. So this year, we are staying local. We are committing to invest our love and our life right here at home.

Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Do I need to fill out another Medical Release?

If you filled out a medical release form for any event after Nov 2018, your medical release is still current, and you DO NOT need to fill out another one. If you student attended Camp Idlewild 2019, your Medical Release form is still current and you DO NOT need to fill out another form. If you have any questions about whether your release is up to date, please contact our Ministry Assistants | Dilyne Gwinn at 813-264-8733 or Erin Smithson at 813-264-8797.

Q: Where will the students be sleeping?

We will be sleeping at the church. Guys and girls will lodge in different locations in the building, and each group will have plenty of adult supervision. Guys areas and girls areas will be locked down after hours.

Q: What will the students be sleeping on?

We would encourage students to bring a twin air mattress, sleeping bag, and a pillow. These are not required, however, these items will make your stay much more comfortable.

Q: What will the students be doing?

Each day the students will be split into ministry teams. These teams will work with ministry partners such as Feeding Tampa Bay, Pantry of Hope, Bridging Freedom, and others to meet the practical and spiritual needs of those in our community. Each day will consist of public school ministry, homeless ministry, foster care ministry, pregnancy care ministry, park ministry, refugee ministry and others in an effort to meet the real people in our community and share the love of Jesus with each of them.

Q: How will students shower?

We have rented several “shower trucks”. These trucks have private individual inclosed stalls for showering and changing. Guys and girls will have separate shower trucks, on separate ends of the building.

Q: How will you be transporting students?

Students will be transported in our fleet of 15 passenger vans. Each van will be driven by an approved, background checked, and insured staff member / leader over the age of 25.

Q: What does the $99 cover?

Your registration cost covers transportation, three daily meals, shower trucks, evening activities, ministry supplies, and a ministry t-shirt.

Q: Will my student need any additional money?

We will have fun activities planned for students every evening. The activities themselves will be included in your registration cost. However, if a student wants to purchase snacks / drinks at some of these activities – a little extra cash would be beneficial.

Q: What does my student need to bring?

  • An Air-mattress, Linens / Sleeping bag for air mattress / Pillow/ Pajamas
  • Hygiene Products: soap, shampoo, deodorant, toothbrush, toothpaste, etc
  • Sunscreen/ Bugspray
  • Modest clothing for 4 days of outdoor ministry, and at least 1 pair of tennis shoes that can get dirty
  • Casual Clothes for evening activities (gym shorts, t-shirts, etc)
  • Bible/ Pen and Notebook
  • Cell Phones are welcome – bring at your own risk.

Idlewild will not be held responsible for any lost or stolen cell phones.

  • No midriffs, halter tops, or cheer shorts
  • No weapons – knives, guns, pepper spray etc.
  • No cigarettes/vape pens etc.
  • No two piece bathing suits

Typical Daily Schedule

8:00 AM: Breakfast

8:30 AM: Morning Rally

9:00 AM: Leave for Morning Mission Project

12:30 PM: Lunch

1:30 PM: Leave for Afternoon Mission Project

5:00 PM: Dinner

6:00 PM: Worship / Equipping Sessions

7:00 PM: Evening Activity

11:00PM: Lights Out