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Marriage For Dummies +/or Parenting Class

Marriage For Dummies +/or Parenting Class

Crazy kids or a crazy spouse? Both are intrinsically connected. Who knew that an unhealthy marriage is the #1 reason that kids behave negatively?!

However, kids don’t come with instructions. If they are running over mom/dad then that affects the marriage relationship too.

What can you do?

1 – Attend theMarriage For Dummies class from 1/13 – 4/14 4:30pm-6:00pm. *Pastor Patrick/K.C. Newbill

This is a course for married couples of all ages and marital situations: dead, dull marriages are reawakened, hurting marriages are healed, and good marriages receive new life and vision.

What will you learn
Objective 1:  To experience a more intimate relationship with God and one another
Objective 2:  To adopt new ways of communicating with each other
Objective 3:  To block the actions that destroy trust and intimacy
Objective 4:  To leave childhood home and cleave to one another
Objective 5:  To experience Biblical truths and grace
Objective 6:  To become vulnerable and transparent

My favorite reviews of the material... “My relationship (communication) got better-er & better-er, good-er & good-er through the wisdom GOD poured into our dynamic facilitators/mentors/shepherds/life-coaches/accountability-couple partners & wonderful BrothersNSistersNCHRIST!!!” 

“What a journey of discovery, deliverance, purification & edification!! If you want to take your marriage relationships to yet anotha-furtha level in CHRIST, We Dino-Double-Dawg dare you to “Intimate Encounter” your covenant relationship next time it’s offered!!!! Marriage Works truly when You Work It!!! Thanks again for celebrating in our success!! GOD bless!!”


2 – Attend the Parenting From The Tree of Life class from 1/13 – 4/14 from 4:30pm-6:00pm. *Tripp/Gena Taylor

The kids can register for Awana (

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