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Altar Flowers

Would you like to honor a special occasion with a bouquet or give flowers in memory of a loved one? The flowers at the front of the Worship Center at the altar steps are designated each week by church members who want to commemorate the anniversary of a family member’s homegoing or celebrate a special birthday or wedding anniversary. Each bouquet is lovingly and expertly crafted by Mona’s Floral Creations for Idlewild, and if you have a special color in mind, your request can usually be honored. Not only are the flowers placed on the altar on Sunday, but your announcement is placed in the Sunday morning Excite! Here are a few examples:

  • The flowers in the Worship Center today are given to honor the 50th anniversary of Gene and Hilda Blitch.
  • One of the bouquets in the Worship Center today is given in memory of Carl from Jan and the family.
  • The flowers in the Worship Center today are in honor and memory of Helen Enns by Dr. Paul Enns and his sons, Terry & Jeremy, and their families.
  • The flowers in the Worship Center today are in celebration of the marriage of Reinalda Maria Garcia Flores and Timothy Michael Robinson on March 23, 2013.

Because we have so many families who wish to repeat their flowers from year to year, we now offer each bouquet to individual families. The cost of one bouquet is $65, and you should plan to contact us as early as possible to select your date so that it isn’t already taken. The calendar fills up quickly!  And because of the abundance of requests, we now ask that you only reserve one bouquet, not both.

Contact us to make your request today