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Music Imprints on Your Child’s Mind

Music Imprints on Your Child’s Mind

How many sermons do you remember from your childhood?  How many songs?  So, if you want to remember something – sing it!  As Miss Pattycake says. “Using music is the fastest, and most permanent way to get information AND God’s truth into little hearts and minds. I like to say music is God’s “magic”.”

As Mr. Rogers said about music, “Music is the one art we all have inside. We may not be able to play an instrument, but we can sing along or clap or tap our feet. Have you ever see a baby bouncing up and down in the crib in time to some music? When you think of it, some of that baby’s first messages from his or her parents may have been lullabies, or at least the music of their speaking voices. All of us have had the experience of hearing a tune from childhood and having that melody evoke a memory or a feeling. The music we hear early on tends to stay with us all our lives.”

Psalm 8:2 (THE MESSAGE):  “Nursing infants are gurgling choruses about You, and toddlers shout the songs that will drown out enemy talk and silence atheistic babble.”

That’s incredible – “silence atheistic babble”!!  Let’s do it!!