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18333 Exciting Idlewild Blvd.
Lutz, FL 33548

Idlewild at The Springs

8209 N 19th St
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Iglesia Bautista Idlewild

Main Campus, Student Building, Hall 2

You were made to know and love God. You were made to know and love others. You can’t help it. This is what you were created for. You are never more alive than when you are in relationship with God and others. To be human is to love and worship.


Worship is loaded with meaning. Is it music? Is it what we do in church while we sing and lift our hands? It can be. But really worship is giving value. And is there anything better to give value to than God?


We want to come alongside and encourage you in this life-long adventure of worship. So we have programmed this ministry to teach, and equip you in a variety of artistic expressions. In addition to our regular large groups, we will be offering courses. Courses are specialized classes and are smaller in size. They include: Songwriting, Vocal Performance, Band, Live Production, Creative/Visual Arts, Recording, & Orchestra.


We are confident that there is something special for you. God loves you and so do we. And we excited to start this year together!

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Join us for rehearsals Sunday afternoons at 4:30

Our Team


David Zunz

Minister - Student Worship (813-264-8755)

Steve Kirby

Minister - Instrumental Music (813-264-8714)

Shannon Cobb

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