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NYC Women’s Missions Trip

NYC Women’s Missions Trip

In 2020, the Women’s Ministry will continue to send a group of women to Queens, NYC to serve at the Asian Women’s Center and through outreach in Diversity Plaza. This is a phenomenal missions opportunity as all the world gathers in Diversity Plaza!

I went on the Memorial Day mission trip in 2019, stayed at NYSUM for a week of visiting people in the plaza, learning new customs and belief systems, giving away flip flops, playing in the park and providing a Memorial Day concert with drama on the love of Christ. My time with the missions team was incredible, the weeks of preparation and prayer uniting, and the people I met affirmed the joy of representing Christ to the nations. I met a gentleman from Nepal that humbly explained to me that in Nepal they greet others by saying “Christ is my hope” as the persecution is growing stronger and they wish to get the word out as quickly as possible. I was inspired by many.

If you’re interested in hearing more, please attend the informational being held on Sunday, January 19th.

Women’s NYC Missions Trip September 12th – 18th

Informational Meeting on January 19th

12:30pm, Room E103

More information can also be found HERE