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Pilgrim Prayers Review

Pilgrim Prayers Review


As we celebrate Thanksgiving, let’s be encouraged in prayer by the Pilgrims who were part of an English church congregation whose faith, convictions and prayer were at the heart of their faithfulness, decisions and their journeys and voyages that resulted in their now historical settlement at Plymouth. Their Governor, William Bradford recorded the following in his account of these brave souls and the faithfulness of God in their lives and experiences. See how they continued to look to God in their survival after crossing the Atlantic Ocean in a small vessel, and as they were providentially led by him to the location of their new home.

“Having found a good haven and being brought safely in sight of land , they fell upon their knees and blessed the God of Heaven who had brought them over the vast and furious ocean, and delivered them from all the perils and miseries of it, again to set their feet upon the firm and stable earth, their proper element….But here I cannot but make a pause, and stand half amazed at this poor people’s present condition….Summer being done, all things turned upon them a weather-beaten face; and the whole country, full of woods and thickets, presented a wild and savage view….If they looked behind them there was the mighty ocean which they had passed and was now a gulf separating them from all civilized parts of the world….

What then, could now sustain them but the spirit of God, and His grace? Ought not the children of their fathers rightly to say: Our fathers were Englishmen who came over the great ocean, and were ready to perish in this wilderness; but they cried unto the Lord, and He heard their voice, and looked on their adversity… Let them therefore praise the Lord, because He is good, and His mercies endure forever. Yea, let them that have been redeemed of the Lord, show how He hath delivered them from the hand of the oppressor.”

Give thanks and praise to our wonderful Savior, Jesus, who called us to eternal life, salvation and fellowship in Him; and who not only provides our needs, but who will work in us and through us as we respond to Him in faith, obedience and prayer. Give thanks to God for the glorious works He displayed in establishing this incredible nation through the pilgrims and others. Let’s pray for America this Thanksgiving, as well as, revival in the church and an awakening across this country. Happy Thanksgiving!

Greg Murphy – Minister, Pastoral Care, Prayer and Life Discovery