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Positioned to Pray

Positioned to Pray


“….Christ died for our sins according to the Scriptures….But Christ has indeed been raised from the dead….For as in Adam all die, so in Christ all will be made alive.” (1 Cor 15:3b, 20a, 22)

We are positioned to pray. We think of a physical position of prayer as kneeling, which reflects the position and attitude of our hearts; worship, yielding, humility, seeking and submission. The cross and resurrection of Jesus made possible a spiritual position for prayer. When the living, resurrected Spirit of Christ, or the Holy Spirit, indwells the believer, and gives life to his spirit, everything changes.

The believer has life immediately in his spirit, and is made right in His relationship with God. He is free forever from the penalty of sin. He has a place reserved in heaven and will never enter the place called hell. He has a new mindset and identity in Christ, and a new desire and ability to walk with God in a holy relationship. Forgiven of sin, a believer can pray from a position of confidence being free from accusation and condemnation. He can approach the throne of grace boldly in prayer knowing he will be received and heard. (Heb. 4:16)

He experiences life gradually in his soul (mind, will and emotions). Since he is made holy in character and position, he knows he can live according to that holiness. He is not trying to perform for acceptance. The Lord accomplished that for him. Daily, as he renews his mind with the word of God, he overcomes the power of sin and adjusts his thinking, beliefs and will to live according to his new holiness. He doesn’t have to attract God’s attention or earn his favor in prayer. He can pray from a position of power.

The believer ultimately has life in his body which will be fully restored and freed from the presence of sin in the presence of Jesus.  He prays with the confident hope of his future home in the new heaven and earth. Believers pray from a position of eternal victory overcoming physical death and all corruption as they will be glorified when Christ appears.

I invite you to call on God in prayer from the tremendous position He gave to you by His works of the cross and resurrection.

Greg Murphy – Minister, Family Care