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PRAY 5/20/20

PRAY 5/20/20



“Throughout the Bible, the name of the Lord is synonymous with the nature of the Lord. To call on his name is to make an appeal to his character. It’s a cry for help….When People begin to call on the name of the Lord, they are ‘calling on God to come through on his promise’ of a son who will reverse the curse and defeat the serpent.”

                                                                                  – John Onwuchekwa


“Seth also had a son, and he named him Enosh. At that time people began to call upon the name of the LORD.” (Genesis 4:26)


Missions Prayer Requests:


Please pray for our upcoming mission trips in 2020:
Please pray for protection from the Corona virus for our missionaries in China.
Mike & Lee Anne Sorgius who serve with CRU are our missionaries for this week.

  • Pray our video meetings with those who report to us will be clear, helpful and encouraging.
  • Our daughter, husband and 4 kids are missionaries in East Asia and are having visa issues there. Pray they can get them resolved this month.
  • The President of Cru, Steve Douglass, just announced his retirement scheduled for this fall so we need God’s wisdom as we seek a new one.

Submit prayer requests by Noon on Tuesday, by emailing or calling 264.8729.
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This Week’s Requests:


Tyler Mason (cousin of Jared Smith) – Praise for healing of leg amputation!

Marty Davenport – Pray for healing of broken bones from a fall off a ladder

Mike Fitzgerald – Pray for recovery from heart valve surgery

Curtis Culver – Pray for healing of mass on his bladder which may be cancer

Geri Honchell – Pray for recovery from a broken bone, she is 102 years old

Bill Foote (Regina Mills’ father) – Pray for healing of heart problems

Nancy Hutto (Andy Evans’ mother) – Pray for peace, on home hospice

Rick Weaver (son-in-law of Connie Brackney) – Pray for continued healing

Jordan (friend of Connie Brackney) – Pray for Jordan to return home, he is 16 years old and has run away from home.

Larry Neely – Pray for peace and comfort, in hospice

Amber and unborn baby Aubrey Jane (granddaughter and great-granddaughter of Bob & Elaine Ward) – Pray for Aubrey Jane who has been diagnosed with a disorder that will require major surgeries after birth.

Pastor Phillip Hanes – Pray for accurate diagnosis of knee pain and relief from pain

Denise (daughter of Joy Carson) – Pray for healing of breast cancer

Margaret Simonetti – Pray for recovery from surgery for compound fracture of back


Continue to Pray for:


(5.13.20 and prior)

Lawrie Willis (niece of Cheryl Boggs) – Healing from congestive heart failure and financial provision

Catherine Seder – Salvation for David, Eric, & Mitch; Heather’s spiritual growth; renewed health for Catherine

Clarissa Wajdowicz – Gain strength through physical therapy and for her caregivers

Ken Boggs – Complete recovery from Steal Syndrome surgical procedure

Clint Wester – Continued healing

Patty Major – Healing of hip

Randy Lamb (son of Joyce Meyer) – Healing of Stage 4 pancreatic cancer

Eddie Shedd – Successful dialysis and healing

Damon Snyder – Healing from liver transplant

Tiffany Johnson (relative of Janice Almquist) – Healing of pancreatic cancer

Jacob Ivey – Treatment for brain inflammation/homebound

June Cochran – Health issues

John Nyberg – Protection as he travels

Stella Rae Jarboe – Complete healing of cancer

Thomas O’Neill – Recovery from hip replacement surgery

Judy Brooks – Relief from Chemo side effects

Jeff Patet – Recovery from knee replacement surgery

Ron Armstrong – Complete healing

Hiroe Scull – Continued health, cancer free

Anne (Michelle Cloutier’s grandmother) – Protection from Covid-19

David (son of Ed & Janice Huertas) – Protection from Covid-19

Lamaya Sakales – Protection from Covid-19

David Dasnoit – Negative test results

Patti Murphy’s daughter-in-law – Healing of Covid-19

Carrie Upton – (Pastor Ron Upton’s mother) – Continued healing

Cristina Santos – Healing (cancer diagnosis)

Sherre Minton – Praise that Ken tested negative for COVID-19 – Pray for Sherre’s labs to be moving in the right direction after her bone marrow transplant

Ron Lounsbury – Healing of hands after carpal tunnel surgery

John Vogt – Healing of Kidney Cancer and successful procedure on June 3rd

Jack & Pat Shanks – Health issues

Kristi Greene – Protection from Covid-19

Chuck DiPerro – Healing

Jack & Leah – Leah’s recovery, she was temporarily blinded by a mugging and for Jack’s ministry to the honeless

Sally Hudson – Normal brain function

Dee Grimaldi – Healing, good test results, and financial provision

Janie Harris (Georgia Ellenberg’s Sister) – Quick Recovery

Craig Berkman – Good test results for chest pains

Marjorie Riddle (mother of Susan Jarrett) – Healing after a severe fall and broken shoulder

Martha Torres – Healing from leukemia

Cristina Bergman – Safe delivery of twins and no complications

Vanita (mother of Wendy Bradley) – Healing of breast cancer

Don Mincey – Recovery from cancer surgery and successful spine surgery later this month.

Keeley and Tyler Mincey – Good health for Keely and unborn son, her health may require that they take the baby early.

Chester Gill – Healing from a fall




Christopher Burgess (son of Earl Burgess), US Marine Corps Warrant Officer. He and his family have been transferred to Okinawa, Japan, for three years.

Africa Arce (daughter of Joseph Arce), Operational Specialist in the US Navy. She is deployed on the Bonhomme Richard in the South Pacific.

Jacob Ferguson (grandson of Luke and Donna Ferguson), US Army. He is serving in Afghanistan for one year.

Trevor Shaffer (son of Ted and Jennifer Shaffer) who is deployed.


We Extend Sympathy to:


The family of Mary Wojciechowicz (grandmother of Sandy [Robert] Rinchuse) who passed away on Thursday, May 14.  Service to be determined.

The family of June Johnson (mother of Mark [Kathy] Johnson) who passed away on Saturday, May 16.  Service to be determined.

The family of Kim Wilkerson (sister of Ken [Lori] Clower) who passed away on Monday, May 18.  Service to be determined.