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Prayers from Remembering

Prayers from Remembering


“Then I thought to this I will appeal; the years of the right hand of the Most High. I will remember the deed of the LORD; yes, I will remember your miracles of long ago. I will meditate on all your works and consider all your mighty deeds. Your ways, O God, are holy. What God is so great as our God? You are the God who performs miracles….” (Psalm 77:10-14a)

When the Psalmist was in a dark season, he chose to look back in history past his times to displays of the holiness of the Most High God and his ways, mighty works and miracles! He renewed His mind and focus to the character of God for his encouragement and motivation which resulted in prayers of praise.

We are rounding out the year of COVID and also the last 21 days of prayer as we enter February. This is a great time to look back short term and long term. What has God said to you in these 21 Days of prayer? Have you had some unique times of prayer and worship? Take a bit of time to go back to your prayer journal, or notes, or memory or Jim Maxim’s 21 Days of Deeper Prayer Book to remember, absorb and even implement these experiences into your heart, life and practice as applicable.

Also, go back before 2020 as far as the Holy Spirit guides in life and in the Word to be strengthened by the works, ways, miracles and character of God. Then, look forward to prayer adjustments and opportunities ahead.

In 2021 watch for new prayer opportunities. Imagine joining with two other believers in a prayer triangle to pray for at least 15 minutes a week. I am guessing that you won’t be able to stop at 15. Many families pray at meals and other times, but how would you like to set aside a special time of prayer and worship once a week that can be unique to your family’s personality and schedule as your Family Prayer Altar? is a website that you can log on for free and commit to pray for 50 of your neighbors by name as you prayer walk physically or virtually. Praying is just the beginning of what God may do through you in your neighborhood. You can look there now or find the link on the Idlewild web page along with other prayer resources and devotional blogs. Let’s start by “giving thanks’, but “keep asking” following the example set by Paul.

Greg Murphy – Minister, Family Care