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Ready to be a Fire Carrier?

Ready to be a Fire Carrier?

A fire carrier in the old west would bring the life-giving fire to the cowboys in the wild. He’d capture embers from one fire and carry them to start another fire elsewhere. When the early church was dispersed, they were fire carriers. They took the gospel all over the world and many gave their lives so that the fire would get to you.

IBC Kids is looking for spiritual fire carriers. Someone was a fire carrier in your life. They brought the good news to you. They may have even poured into you (discipleship). 

We are looking for people who are ready to step up and use our materials & training to prepare kids to stand in an anti-Christian world that is coming in their lifetime.

Join the IBC Fire Carriers (teachers/helpers) starting August 14 (Promotion Sunday).

Preschool: Diana at
Elementary: Sabrina at

Kidz Cove and/or Awana: Caitlin at