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Real Talk

Real Talk


We live during a cultural moment in which we are surrounded by questions about our faith and often have no answers to give in response. While these questions differ in scope, questions about sexuality and gender place us in the most divisive conversation facing Christians today. Countless churches and denominations are divided over the issue and families are being torn apart. Christian leaders often are unable to see eye to eye and worst of all, people who are wrestling with questions about faith, sexuality, and gender are caught in the crossfire. 

This Sunday night we are hosting our Spring Session of Real Talk and it is for the reasons listed above that we are organizing this entire evening around the topic of sexuality & gender. As a student ministry team, our ultimate desire is to see students give themselves daily to help each one live in the rescuing power of the gospel of Jesus Christ. The each one includes those who wrestle with same-sex attraction.  As such, we will spend this Sunday night engaging in thoughtful conversation about questions involving sexuality and gender.

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