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She Loves Out Loud: Prayer

She Loves Out Loud: Prayer

Prayer is an interesting discipline of the Christian faith. It portrays belief in an unseen mighty entity that wondrously values connection to His creation. It is the essence of faith to kneel and cry out to God trusting that He not only knows, but cares. The believer does not automatically become a prayer warrior upon belief and receipt of the Holy Spirit. The Scriptures reveal that God’s followers have modeled prayer, calling on God, through the ages. Christ Jesus’ followers were aware of God Himself in prayer.

I became aware of prayer through bedtime rituals, mealtime thanksgiving, and witnessing my grandmother kneeling beside her bed one morning. I was encouraged to pray in Bible Study groups. I have heard many, many, many incredible stories of prayer. I have experienced countless answers to prayer, especially in ministry. Sometimes the answers seem like such little things, but in their unique, detailed and timely manner they have affirmed my walk of faith incredibly and redirected my path in such a way that I believe walking with God is possible in this day and age. Just last week, I was praying for two leaders to overcome a disagreement. They showed up at prayer time together and though all isn’t perfectly reconciled, they joined forces in prayer.

I long for women to gather for prayer. The humble, collective, unified call on God that a prayer gathering creates steadies our hearts to endure and persevere in the victory He has already achieved on our behalf. Like the early followers of Christ, His people need to witness the prayers of His representatives on this earth. Time to gather together again.

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