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She Loves Out Loud

She Loves Out Loud


As a Women’s Ministry Director, you receive a lot of requests to host events at “your” church. It takes a bit of effort sometimes to process the requests and to keep up with the information so that if you do want to host something you can remember the details. I find that one of the best ways to be ready for the request is to pray about where you want the ministry to be focused for the year.

In 2019 as I anticipated 2020 and considered areas that I and other women might appreciate some encouragement, I kept thinking, and praying, about the discipline of prayer. The ministry established a few regular prayer groups in the year, one I attend twice a month in our prayer room at 1 pm. This prayer group has so greatly blessed me that I longed for many others to have the opportunity of a prayer event with women, women with similar concerns and women with loving voices. When I heard about She Loves Out Loud, a prayer event for the healing of hearts, the future of our children and to plea for God to be honored in our country, I was intrigued. When I learned that the women hosting the event were all giving their time for free (many well known speakers) and that Lifeway was sponsoring the tech support so that the event would be free I was interested. When I met with Diane Strack, Christa Lynn (a human trafficking survivor), and Megan Brown (representative of our military), I was impassioned by their passion to join women in prayer in light of Psalm 68:11 “The Lord gave the command; a great company of women brought the Good News.”

I know that sometimes people take free events for granted. I know that the word “prayer” doesn’t draw out attendees like the word “food” or “fun”. (Take note here-the event will not be awkward for anyone as it is beautifully planned with information, encouraging speaking and guided prayer times for specific people groups.) I know that the Saturday after Valentine’s Day may not be convenient timing. But I also know that there is a mighty remnant of God-fearing women that will join together, bow their heads, and pray like never before, enmass through She Loves Out Loud.
I’m privileged to host this event through Idlewild’s Women’s Ministry.
I usually am not a numbers oriented follower. I have no basis for this prayer but I am praying for at least 1,000 women from all different churches in our sanctuary unified for our nation and for one another. Right now the registration is 23. God hears the cries of any and all.