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Solitary Meditation

Solitary Meditation

solitarynepalOur landlord (M) lives in the top floor of our apartment building with his family (he is in his 50’s and has several grown children and grandchildren). He and his family are Tibetan Buddhist and he is a religious leader in this community. One of the practices of Tibetan Buddhism is to spend time in deep, solitary meditation.

During this time the people are encouraged to empty themselves and fill themselves with spirits who will come inside (see: Matthew 12:43-45, as the Bible clearly warns against this) and possess their bodies and help them to reach nirvana/enlightenment. (M) is currently in his 3rdweek of a meditation that may last for up to 3 years (1 year minimum). During this time of meditation (M) lives in a very small Tibetan Buddhist worship room that he has made in his home (which is right above our home). It is full of golden idols and things that can be used for meditation and worship. (M) will not come out of the room for at least a year and up to 3 years (as long as it takes him to reach this enlightenment that he is seeking). He doesn’t leave the room to use the bathroom, to get food, to talk with his family, for no reason. He stays in the room in a meditative state.

Only 2 people are allowed to visit him: his son who is about 30 years old and the guard of our home who takes care of a lot of business items for him. They bring him his food, get rid of his waste, give him water to clean himself and they are able to speak a few words to him each time they enter but we have been told that they must only stay very important things.

All around him his grand-kids are running around, his family is going about their day, his friends and family come to visit and he doesn’t take part in any of it. Basically to the family (M) is gone for several years. This brings up many, many thoughts in my heart and ultimately brings me sadness. It is so, so clear the bondage that (M) and his family are in and it breaks my heart that he has the opportunity to be free in Christ and yet he is choosing to live in slavery to the enlightenment that he is trying to obtain. My heart breaks for his family as they would love to be with him and to spend time with him but are unable to because he is locked away behind a door seeking for answers. Please pray with us for (M) and his family:

  • Pray that (M) would find no hope and peace in the way that he is seeking enlightenment. Pray that our God would speak to Him mightily through this time. Pray that (M) would truly be seeking for truth and that the truth would set him free (John 8:32, Jeremiah 29:13)
  • Pray for the salvation of (M) and his entire household (Acts 16:13-15)

Contributor: Missionary in Nepal (names not disclosed for security reasons)

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