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Spring 2019 Men’s Bible Studies

Spring 2019 Men’s Bible Studies


Detours, *Rob Taylor, * Monday Nights, 3/18-5/6, * Room E213, * $10
In this study you will discover hope in knowing that life’s sudden detours represent ways God moves us to the place He wants us to be.  You’ll identify ways God redeems even the things that go wrong in our lives, get more intimate understanding of the biblical account of Joseph, and learn to endure the uncontrollable and unforeseen events that invade you life and realize that trusting in God’s sovereignty will help you navigate betrayal, abandonment, and injustice.

Rewriting Your Broken Story, *Dana Hardee, * Monday Nights, 3/18-5/6, * Room E212 OR * Thursday Mornings, 3/21-5/9, * Room E111, * $15
In this fallen world, life is often not how we thought it would be.  Jobs vanish, relationships crumble, and health fails. How do we fix the hope to persevere? Kenneth Boa shows how God can transform our lives with an eternal perspective, when we live with the end in mind. Knowing our future is crucial to living our present.  When we see our stories within his greater story, we learn to live with a heavenly perspective and follow it all the way home.

“The Amazing Life of Jesus Christ” * Scott Montgomery, * Monday Nights, 3/18-5/6, * Room E112, $25
Instead of focusing on one book in the Gospels, “The Amazing Life of Jesus Christ” weaves together Scripture from Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John in chronological order, journeying from the preexistence of Jesus to His future return.  At the same time, this study will focus on a particular aspect of Jesus’ character each week.  From Son of Man to King of Kings, we will slow down the Gospel story and examine the teaching, miracles, words, and heart of the One who came to save.