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Iglesia Bautista Idlewild

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What is Worship Co.?


Idlewild Student Worship Co. is an equipping ministry for students grades 6-12 in all areas of our student worship experience.  We gather to worship together, rehearse new music, and learn about all the special skills it requires to serve in a worship service at Idlewild and any other local church.  These areas include: Worship Vocals, Worship Band, Production, Creative Arts, and Student Orchestra.


FIRST SUNDAY is our main event.  The first Sunday afternoon of each month (Fall & Spring) we will meet in the student building at 4:30pm for worship, teaching, rehearsal, workshops, food, and hanging out.  There are only 4 of these each semester and they are required in order to participate on the Wednesday night Worship team.


Weekly Rehearsals take place throughout the rest of the month at 4:30 on Sunday afternoon and will include MS/HS Band rehearsals for upcoming Wednesday night services, Vocal team rehearsal, spiritual development for our leaders, and activities for Creative Arts.  These rehearsals are required when you are scheduled for Wednesday night worship, and highly recommended for everyone else.


What does Co. mean?


Co. is a community –  Worship Co. is a community of like-minded worshipers who share interests in music, art, and the practice of corporate worship.  We not only get together to rehearse to become more skilled worshipers, but also to grow with each other and in community as well.


Co. is a collective – Together we are better, and at Worship Co. we desire a collective, collaborative experience to be our best.  Our desire is that everything we do has your fingerprints on it, and as you participate in worship together, we will become more creative, more expressive, and more on fire for the Lord.


Co. is a cohort – Not only do we have a shared objective, but we also have a common enemy.  Satan would like nothing more than to see students silent in worship.  At Worship Co. we must stand together in unity against the influences of our culture and worship with everything in us.  Let this ministry be the training ground for a fight that you will be in for the rest of your lives.


Co. is a commission – Jesus says that we are to “go and make disciples” – But the Great Commission is not just for preachers. As worshipers we are also called to share the Gospel, and we have a unique opportunity to use our gifts and talents for this purpose. Worship is worth sharing with anyone who hasn’t experienced God’s presence, and the role of Worship Co. is to proclaim the glory of God through worship so that everyone will join us in the advancement of the Gospel.

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Latest Updates

  •   Hey students! Join us as we kick 0ff the Fall semester of Worship Co. on August 6th at 4:30pm in Hall One for our FIRST SUNDAY of the year. We will have pizza, worship, workshops, and more as we look to start off this school year better than ever.......

  • Students 6th-12th grade – Join us Sunday afternoons at 4:30 in the Fall and Spring for our weekly Student Worship community rehearsals. We divide into Worship Vocals, Worship Band, Production, and Creative Arts as we grow closer together as a worshipping community, and more importantly grow closer to the Lord......

  • Students 6th-12th grade – Do you sing or play guitar, drums, or piano? Do you have an interest in worship or production ministry? Would you like to be a part of the Student Worship Team?  We are always looking for talented, Christ-like young men and women to prompt their friends......


Join us for rehearsals Sunday afternoons at 4:30

Our Team


David Zunz

Next Gen Worship Pastor (813-264-8755)

Steve Kirby

Instrumental Worship Pastor (813-264-8714)
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