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SummerSing 2018 Updates

SummerSing 2018 Updates


Summer Sing 2018

July 16-20, 2018 (M-Th 9-3:30, Fri 9-1)

Keep an eye out each week for personalized information updates in your email from The general information in each email will also be posted here shortly after each message is sent.

  • Drop-Off Procedure
    • Please park each morning in the Red/Blue parking lot to drop off your child. Click here to see a Parking Map.
    • Enter through the Red/Blue parking lot side of the building.  All other entry doors will be locked for security.
    • Bring your child to the Worship Center each day before 9:00 a.m. Click here to see the Dropoff Map.  We will begin promptly at 9:00 a.m. but cannot be responsible for children left before 8:40 a.m.  Drop off & pickup will be arranged by color so please know your child’s color (you will get this at check in on the first morning) and look at that map carefully before you come to pick up your child.
    • If you need to locate your child for any reason, you will need to come to the information table in the Gatheria.  You MUST check-in and receive a guest nametag before visiting any student areas. Late arriving and/or early leaving children must be signed out at the registration table in the Gatheria.
    • Early dismissal will not be allowed after 3:00p.m. so be sure to arrive at the registration table by 2:45 if your child needs to leave early.
  • Cell Phone Policy
    • Please have your child leave their cell phone at home.  There are many telephones around for use if it is necessary.  If your child needs a cell phone, please have them check it in at the registration desk in the morning and check it back out again every afternoon.  If the cell phone is out then we will check it in at the registration desk and it may be checked out there at the end of the day.
  • SummerSing Text Reminders
    • We have set up a Remind text/email group to keep you up to date with important information and reminders about SummerSing.  If you would like to receive text/email reminders there are two ways you can sign up.
    • From a web browser, go the following link and enter your name and email or texting number:
    • From your smart phone, text the message “@sumsing18” to 81010.
  • SummerSing Donation Project
    • We will be collecting the school supplies listed below to distribute to West Zephyrhills Elementary.  Help us help children by contributing any of the following (their top 5 needs):
    • Crayons                  Dry Erase Markers                                  Glue sticks                     Hand Sanitizer                  Pencils
    • Students may turn in items from the list each day and earn points for their team.
    • Items may be turned in at dropoff with your child each morning.
  • Teams
    All children are placed on color “teams” for the week.
  • They will have opportunities to earn points for their team during the day and at home as well.
  • Please be sure you know your child’s team color (they will get this at check-in on the 1st day of SummerSing).  This will help with pick-up, etc.
  • Each team will learn a cheer and have their own team flag.
  • Your child will also have the opportunity to earn points by
    • Doing devotions in their folders,
    • Memorizing Bible verses,
    • Participating in their classes and rehearsals,
    • Wearing their team color (they will get a team t-shirt at the end of the 1st day but it’s always fun to accessorize)!
    • Bringing back papers/homework
  • Parents’ Night – Thursday, July 19
    • Enter through the Red/Blue parking lot side of building (same one you bring your child to every day)
    • You can see firsthand what your child has accomplished in their classes throughout the week as well as enjoy a mini-musical presentation of “A Not So Terrible Parable.”  This evening is an important part of the whole SummerSing experience.  If your child is unable to attend for some reason, please let us know BEFORE that week.  We don’t want others to be affected by this decision.
    • Parents’ Night Schedule
      • 5:00 – 6:30 – Spaghetti Dinner in the Gatheria (see below for that information)
      • 6:15 – 7:00 Sneak Peek – Most classes will have a display and/or the leader of the classes represented at tables over on the Children’s building side of the Gatheria; Come meet the leaders, get information and see what your child has done in their choice classes.  You can also see what other classes offer so your child can decide what classes they might want to choose next year!
      • 7:00 all kids on stage,
      • 7:10 Videos & Live performances,
      • 7:30 Mini-musical
      • Spaghetti Dinner – A spaghetti dinner will be served from 5-6:30, $6 for adults, $3 for kids if payment is made by Wednesday, July 18.  If you purchased tickets with your registration they will be in your child’s folder at check-in on the 1st morning of SummerSing.  Be sure to take them out along with your dismissal cards so they don’t get lost!   Cost at the door will be $7 for adults and $4 for children.  Click here to download and print the ticket order form.
      • Your child will need to be on stage at 7:00p.m. dressed in their SummerSing t-shirt, and longer denim skirts, skorts, pants, or shorts. (They will receive their SummerSing t-shirt on the first day of classes)
  • Pick up your CD now!
    • Pick up your “Not So Terrible Parable” CD (included in your registration cost) at the Event Registration desk on Sundays or Wednesdays before the services or during the week from 8:30-4:30 at the Church Offices.  You will need to listen to the CD EVERY DAY so you will have a head start on learning the music.
    • The music should be learned BEFORE the first day.  Just wait until you see the choreography we are going to do!
  • Consent Forms.  The status of your consent form has been sent to the email entered in your registration.  Please check and follow the steps below to make sure that yours is complete.
    • If your status is “Complete” that means we do already have a completed consent form for your child.  Thank you!
    • If your status is not “Complete” please follow the steps below
    • If your status is “Not Yet Initiated,” please click on the link below to begin the process.
      • þ  Click here to begin the online Informed Consent and Release form.  Please note:  once you have entered the parent/guardian names & email addresses you must open each of the emails that are sent to you, click on the link, and electronically sign the form to complete the process
      • If your status is “Pending,” “Initiated,” or “One Signed,” please check your email on the date shown to find the forms and complete the signing process.  If you entered two adults you must respond to both emails in order for the process to be complete.  The emails were sent from the following email address: Idlewild Baptist Church <> with the subject: Please Sign – Minor Release.  If you can not find the original emails, or if there was a typo in the email address shown, please begin the process again by clicking on the following link.
      • Remember that your child will not be able to participate until we have received this form signed.
  • Lunch
    • Your specific lunch selections were emailed to you on 5/19.  You may add lunches, but we must have lunch reservations and money ($6.00 per day) due no later than July 1.  We will be unable to refund your money after that date.  Pizza lunch on Friday is provided as part of your registration(If you are bringing your lunch be sure to mark it with your first and last name.)
      • Monday – Chick-fil-A: Chicken Sandwich / Chips / Cookie / Drink
      • Tuesday – Culvers: Cheeseburger / Chips / Drink
      • Wednesday – Publix: 1/4 Turkey Sub on White Bread / Chips / Cookie / Drink
      • Thursday – Hungry Harry’s: Pork Sandwich / Mac & Cheese / Cookie / Drink
      • Friday (included free) – Pizza / Drink
  • Classes/Schedules
    • Your child will receive their schedule of classes on the first day of Summer Sing.  All completed 2nd/3rd Graders (unless they have auditioned for & received a special part) will have 2 “choice” classes, 1 rehearsal class, and 1 music experiences class.  All completed 4th/5th graders (unless they have auditioned for & received a special part) will have 3 “choice” classes plus a rehearsal class.
    • Some classes have advanced preparation needed.  If your child has been placed in a class that requires advanced preparation or instrument rental you will receive this information in our 6/29 email.  Information on instrument rental will be included along with that mailing.
    • We are doing our best to schedule the classes you signed up for based upon your registration date, but please be willing to enjoy whichever classes we can fit you in. They will all be fun, and you will learn something exciting!
  • Water Bottles
    • Water will be available at snack time and lunch, and students may stop by a water fountain between classes.  If your child would like to have water with them at all times throughout the day they will need to bring their own water bottle marked with their name each day to SummerSing.
    • We also suggest that students bring a small bag or backpack marked with their name that they can use to carry their water bottle, folders, etc.
  • Dismissal Procedures:
    • Two copies of a pickup card for your child will be included in your child’s folder at registration check-in on the first morning of SummerSing.
    • You must bring this card each day to pick up your child.
    • You may take a picture of your security card and present it on your smart phone.  Please note that the picture must be clear with the child’s name and security tag number readable.
    • If someone else is picking up your child, please pass along a card or picture of the card to them.
    • If you need to add an approved pickup, please send an email request to from the email address listed in your registration.
    • If you need to pick up your child early, please stop by the registration table in the Gatheria BEFORE 3pm.  Early dismissals cannot be done after 3:00pm.
  • Spaghetti Dinner Tickets:
    • If you pre-ordered Spaghetti Dinner tickets, they will be included in your child’s folder at registration check-in on the first morning of SummerSing.
    • Please do not forget to remove them from the folder and hold on to them to use on Thursday evening.
    • Additional Spaghetti Dinner tickets will be available for purchase beginning Tuesday during SummerSing week.
  • Dress for SummerSing:
    • Dress for the week is casual.  Please dress comfortably and be prepared, in some classes you may get dirty!
    • Each student will be assigned a team color on Monday (7/16) and will get their shirt at the end of the day to help them in dressing the rest of the week in their team color.
    • For the Thursday, July 19th presentation students will need to wear their SummerSing t-shirt & appropriate length blue jean shorts, skorts, skirts, or capris.
  • SPECIAL ATTENTION NEEDEDIf your child has been placed in a class that requires advanced preparation you will have already received notification.  Below is the information detailing what should be prepared for each of these classes.
    • Organ
      If your child is scheduled for Organ, please click here to download and print “Trust and Obey” (Hymn #349) and have them prepare the piece on the piano. They should be familiar with the piece on the piano before they arrive on the first day of SummerSing and will be able to start adding in the other pedals right away.
    • Say Cheese
      If your child is scheduled for Say Cheese, have them bring in a digital camera.  It would be best for them to learn using their own camera; however, if they can borrow a friend’s that will work as well.  They need to make sure that the camera is fully charged and has storage room available for lots of pictures.  If one is not available, please let us know in advance and we will try to find one for them to use during classroom activities.
    • ScrapBooking
      If your child is scheduled for ScrapBooking, please have them bring 15-20 pictures that can be used in their scrapbooking projects.  The pictures should show a variety about themselves (individual, hobbies, sports, family, pets, trips/vacations, etc).  If possible, they should range in size from 3×5 to 4×6.