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The Wilderness Experience

The Wilderness Experience

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Exodus 15:22-27, Chapters 16-17

What did they experience in the Wilderness?
A. They had Problems
B. There was a Pattern
C. God had a Plan
> God uses the Wilderness as the Process to grow His People.

What should we do when we’re in the Wilderness?
1.) Rely on God’s Provision
2.) Rest in God’s Provision
3.) Remember God’s Provision

Big Idea
The Wilderness experience is unavoidable and necessary for every follower of Christ. God desires that we don’t just Go through the wilderness, but that we Grow through it to become more like Him.

Next Steps
> Examine – How do you walk with God through the wilderness?
> Reflect – What are some lessons you’ve learned in your own wilderness experiences?
> Share – Celebrate how God is providing for you today. (Write in the comments right now)

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