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There’s No Stopping Him

There’s No Stopping Him



Each one is uniquely designed by a very creative God for a purpose.

That purpose will not be thwarted.

It will not be thwarted by lack of oxygen at birth.

It will not be thwarted by the presence of an extra chromosome or by missing genetic material.

It will not be thwarted by fetal alcohol syndrome or parental drug use.

It will not be thwarted by the need for a wheelchair, a feeding tube or a communication device.


My purposes? That’s a different thing.

My plans for what my family will look like, what kind of school my child will go to, how soon or how long until we will have an empty nest, how many grandchildren I will have…My plans can be thrown into total chaos!

God tells me, though, that His plans cannot be thwarted. That what He sets about doing will indeed be accomplished.


That is where we can find peace.