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Amazon River Mission Trip Report – June ’11.

As I prepared for the trip to the Amazon in June, I prayed to see the power of Jesus Christ as people came to know Him.  I prayed for the Holy Spirit to not be grieved in what He saw of me.  I prayed to be forever changed with a burden for a people in a land I knew little of.

I knew as I prayed, that God would take me out of my comfort zone here at home.  I knew I would be living in an open boat, sleeping on a hammock for 10 days.  I knew I would be sweaty and dirty and there would be no comforts of air conditioning for this time.  I knew I would be working with people with whom I could not communicate, because we didn’t speak the same language.  I knew that the most uncomfortable facet of this trip (for me) would be leaving my 4 ½ year old son behind.  For God had answered my prayer for a child at the age of 42, and I knew leaving this “miracle” child at home would tug on my heartstrings daily, and prove to be very uncomfortable for me.

During the mission, I came to know a different kind of “uncomfortable”.  As a mother, I was uncomfortable seeing the canoes loaded with families (some with very small children and babies) coming to the villages to receive medical/dental help.  I was extremely uncomfortable with the amount of babies (11, 12, 13 year olds) having babies.  I was uncomfortable with the deplorable conditions that many of these children have to grow up in.

But, the most discomfort came for me, when I saw this little guy come to the dentist for help.  He had an abscessed tooth and his mouth and face were obviously full of infection.  He was sick…very sick!  Of course, there was too much infection for the dentist to be able to pull the tooth, but he was able to administer antibiotics that could have very well saved this child’s life!  The image of this precious child, grieved me for days to come.

I was reminded that we as Christians become comfortable.  So many things come so easy for us.  When our child is dirty, we have clean water to bathe him in.  When our child is unhappy, we have a plethora of ways to entertain him.  When our child is sick, there are doctors just around the corner.  And when our child complains of being hot, we have air conditioned cars and homes to cool them.

And I was reminded that “to whom much is given, much is required.” (Luke 12:48)

Dawn Barnard

Come to the Amazon River with us in: March 23 – April 1st or July 27-Aug 5 of 2012. For more information e-mail us at or call 813-264-8727