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Was It Worth It?

Was It Worth It?

10417546_812398285457821_704390062687396677_n Nepal
Guest post by Nadine Pelham

We traveled over 17,000 miles and spent 40 hours in the air.  We drove 28 hours on some crazy mountain roads in Nepal. We walked across a suspension bridge over a river and then hiked 1.5 hours up a rugged trail just to spend 2 days working in a clinic in two remote mountain villages, in the Lower Mustang region of Nepal. (Check it out on Google Maps!)  Was it worth it?

It was to the distraught mother of a toddler who had severe vomiting and diarrhea. In our prayer with her, we praised the God of Heaven who sent His Son to die for this child, who loved her and knew her in her mother’s womb; that it was no accident that we were there, at just this moment, to minister to her and her child. Her smiling face the next morning was evidence of this answer to prayer!  This was God’s power manifested within minutes of arriving in this camp.

It was worth it to pray and treat many others in that Tibetan Camp, where, before that day, had been closed to any Christian witness.  It was to the elderly woman with high blood pressure and breathing difficulties who was out of  her medication.  It was worth it for the over 170 who received needed antibiotics, vitamins, pain medication and treatment for worms.

It was to the 7 Christian families in one village who received encouragement and to the other 30 families in the village to see the love of the Father demonstrated.

In those 2 days, children had their faces painted and received gifts of bubbles, pencils, crayons, erasers, and note pads.  The ladies received lip balm, lotions and soaps for the cold, dry climate. Some of the elderly were able to choose reading glasses. It was worth it to our missionary partners who now have an open door to return.

This is the purpose of medical missions, to open doors for continued ministry, church planting and making disciples.

Was it worth it to our all woman team, ages 54-72?  A resounding yes!!  It is humbling and exhilarating to be the hands and feet of our Savior. Our prayer is that the work started here will multiply and the beautiful people of this land will become Christ followers.

We are grateful for our partners and National translators who dedicate their lives to reaching the lost of Nepal.  They are deserving of our thanks and prayers.  Thank you for your prayers—we felt them!!  Thank you, Lord, for your love, faithfulness, and blessings beyond measure!