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WATCHMAN – Week of 3/1/2021

WATCHMAN – Week of 3/1/2021





Dr. Ken Whitten
Senior Pastor


Pray for our new 7 week series… “This Is Us” as we travel the journey with our Lord to Cavalry’s Road, and to an Empty tomb. He did what He did for us and instead of us. His story is really because of our story.

Would you ask God for 1 soul to bring to Easter and ask God to use your life to see their life changed for eternity. I am really burdened to see the waters stirred in baptism because of changed lives. Could we pray together, about seeing more changed lives?

Would you pray for Pastor Chip Luter, as he and Jasmine and the family move to New Orleans, and move into a new role as the Senior Associate Pastor at Franklin Avenue Baptist Church? Dr. Fred Luter will be transitioning and Pastor Chip will be the next Sr Pastor, Lord willing. Pray God sends us a Campus Pastor for the Springs Campus.

Pray for those who have been deeply affected by COVID. For families who are coming back, for Seniors getting the vaccination and for the wisdom for us as leadership to continue connecting via internet.

Praise God for the outgrowth of 21 days of Fasting and Prayer in the life of our church. I see great fruit from this experience and I believe we are cleaner and closer to the Lord because of His invitation in meeting with Him.

Please know how much Ms Ginny and I love you and are blessed to be your Pastor and friend.

Thank you for your prayers for my outside speaking engagements and conferences

Word of Life Director’s Ministry Summit – March 26-27

Florida Legislature | Opening Prayer – (Pending April 8)

South Florida Baptist Association Annual Minister’s Conference – April 12

Timothy Barnabas Institute – April 13-14

Senior Pastor’s Metro – April 25-28



Brian McDougall
Executive Pastor



Diana: Please continue to pray for Diana as she continues to search for relief from her back issues.  Please continue to pray for God’s healing for Diana’s back.

Leta: For my sister, please continue to pray for her regarding the grief of my Dad.

Logan and Aimee:  Please pray for Logan and Aimee as they balance out work and care for our newborn grandson.  Continuing to praise God and thank you for your prayers for our Grandson, who is now 9 months old, heathy and happy in every way.

Lauren and Gabe: Thanks for continuing to pray for Gabe and Lauren as too work to manage the work home life balance especially since Lauren recently started grad school.

Brian: I would appreciate your prayers for me too as I grieve the loss of my Dad. Please also pray that I will allocate some time for fitness.  I am praising God for the 21 Days of Prayer that has helped me beyond the 21 day period prioritize more robust times of prayer.



Church Vision and Mission: That our members would engage in the Vision and Mission of the Church.

LEAD: That LEAD(Leadership Engagement and Discipleship) would be effective in thousands of Idlewild members discovering their spiritual gifts, being equipped therein and serving in the area that God has planned for them (Eph. 2:10, 4:11-12).  Please pray that members will “Join the Movement” moving from no ministry and or mission involvement to actively serving where God wants them to serve.

Accelerate: While this program to pay off the debt of the Church is behind plan due to Covid19 issues, we are still praying that God would move amongst his people to pay off the debt of the Church this year.

Giving: That we would all continue to be generous in our giving even during these Covid19 times.

Please pray that all Idlewild members would joyfully have 1,000s of gospel conversations with those that are far from God.

Pray for families in our community that are being effected by COVID19 in many ways, i.e. health, anxiety, financial, etc..

That our entire Church would draw close to God and each other during these challenging times of Covid19.  That we would become a stronger people of prayer.  That many would come to Christ.  That God would be glorified.

Please continue to pray for an effective Abuse Care Ministry.  This new ministry cares for Abuse Victims and all related matters.

Please pray for the Future Church team as they have begun their work on how to accelerate Disciple Making at Idlewild.

Please pray for wisdom for me.

Please pray for Revival in our Church.




Reno Zunz
Minister, Caring Ministry



Thank you for praying for my family so faithfully! Sherri and I are busy with ministry opportunities and family events. We appreciate your prayers very much!!

Please continue to pray for neighbors: John & Michelle; George & Carol; the Gonzalez family, and Pete & Ginny.

Thank you for your prayers for our children: Jonathan & Megan (Abby & Micah); David & Janell (Adele & Ezra); Andy & Jenna (in Orlando). Ezra and Micah turn 3 this month and Adele reaches 5!!

Sherri and I are planning ahead with some things at our home. Please pray we would have God’s wisdom in every decision!



That God would direct our Member Care Ministry daily to give our all to assist members through their difficult times.

Please pray for our amazing Ministry Assistants: Linda Sienkiewicz and Lainey Bock (she is now on family leave with the new baby). Connie Varga is filling in during Lainey’s absence.
That God would bless Deana Troyer as she leads our Special Needs Ministries, granting her wisdom and energy and strength, and would provide workers that love the students. Many of our SN families have health crises and other challenges. Please pray for God’s grace in all of these situations.

That the Lord would watch over our Idlewild widows and provide for all of their needs, physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Our JOY Ministry through Pastor Phillip and Rachel Krutsinger is reaching out to our widows as are our deacons.

Pray for our foster families! Pray for our outreach ministry through the Care Portal, to many families in our community who need our help. We are receiving more requests every day. And we have had many opportunities to reach out into our community with the love of Jesus Christ!! We are searching for God’s person to fill a position with our Foster Care Ministries. Please keep that request in prayer. I am grateful for our wonderful volunteers, especially for Richie Parmer who watches our Care Portal, and for Janet and Joe Cordero, who are handling so many details of the ministry during these days. Please pray for them!!


Greg Murphy
Minister, Family Care



Please continue to pray for my mother, Sarah, who is in a Care Facility in NC. She has been in lock down during the virus season. Please pray for other patients and staff in her facility with COVID. Pray for their healing and for the health of my Mom and the patients. Pray for her to encounter the Holy Spirit’s presence each day and to maintain a sharp mind and to be able to be fellowship with the body of Christ. Please pray for her to be physically comfortable. NC continues to keep these facilities under lock down.

Please pray for direction and wisdom in relationship with the Lord for Isabella as she pursues education, career, and other goals.

Please pray for my daughter, Rebecca, and husband, Robert, and baby grandchildren, Joshua and Caroline (future salvation) for growing with each other and maturing in Christ Jesus.

Please pray for Lynn and me as we walk together with the Lord and as He involves us in various ministries. Prayer for us to God deeper in the Word and prayer



Pray for the church to pray for their neighbors they have met during this season. Go to for a free resource to use to help you know your neighbors and to pray for them. You can log on for free and commit to pray for a selected number of your neighbors by name as you prayer walk physically or virtually.

Please pray for families and individuals at Idlewild to go deeper in prayer with the Lord in 2021. Please pray for the church to effectively be made aware of new Lifestyle Prayer Ministry opportunities which will be introduced as tools or helps in consistently approaching God in prayer for the purpose of encountering Jesus powerfully and personally by the Holy Spirit and in becoming and growing as faithful intercessors to build up the body of Christ through prayer, and to empower the church through prayer in evangelism and discipleship. Two of these ministries are Prayer Triangles and Family Prayer Altar. Prayer triangles – Pray with two other believers in a prayer triangle for at least 15 minutes a week. Family Prayer Altar – set aside a special time of prayer and worship once a week that can be unique to your family’s personality and schedule.

Please pray for the younger generations especially to know the Word of God in such a way as to be strong against the cultural attacks on the crucial doctrines and principles of Christianity. Pray that God’s Word will be widely known and that the enemy will not succeed in distorting the message, language and impact of the Bible. As the world, through many forms of culture and media including music, TV, streaming, social media, etc. is misrepresenting the language, names, themes, context, etc. of the Bible we call on the Holy Spirit of truth to clear the muddy waters and let Christ be exalted and the Kingdom of God advance in the hearts of people. Pray for the church to stand strong and not to falter or be distracted, misled, divided or weakened by the enemy’s current assault.

Pray that God will bring awakening and raise up laborers and that the culture will be freshly permeated with the Word of God.

Please pray that the Holy Spirit will move the church toward repentance and revival and fresh power and obedience in relationship with Jesus.

Please Pray for Linda Sienkiewicz, who is the Ministry Assistant in Family Care and for Lainey Bock and Connie Varga who are serving as the Ministry Assistants to Pastor Reno in Member Care. Please pray for them as they currently assists in the many areas of the Family Care/Caring Ministry and as they adjust to our work at home and online schedule.

Please pray for Pastor Reno and our decision counseling team including team leaders Bill and Carol Sutton, and Brian Pate. This team loves to minister and to assist people in knowing Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. Many of our counselors have had opportunities to counsel with those trusting Christ for salvation even during this time of online worship services.



Phillip Hanes
Minister, Biblical Guidance & Senior Adults



For Mary and I as we seek to continue to be in the center of God’s will for our lives. Also, please pray for my older sister (Diane) who remains in an Orlando hospital with COVID-19. It is very serious and we are asking the Lord to touch her with physical healing.

For our three children (Christopher, Jennifer, and Michael), our one daughter-in-law (Megan), and our two granddaughters (Caroline and Harper Mae) – whom we love with all our hearts!

My sister Diane is out of the hospital after six weeks of issues from COVID-19! She is now at the Advent Rehab Center in Orlando and making great progress in her recovery! And her kidney that she received in December is working perfectly! Thank you so much for your prayers on her behalf!



For our Bible Fellowship Groups, most of whom are back on campus, but some are doing a hybrid of in-person and online, and still a couple of groups meeting exclusively via ZOOM or via email and messaging. So thankful that we have not had to miss a single week of sharing relevant Bible study with our people!

Thank you for your prayers for our ongoing support groups who continue to meet on a regular basis to meet the needs of hurting people. Stop by the Gatheria most Sundays and you can also pick up some information about our new iCare Ministry for folks who are dementia family member care-givers.

For the countless number of folks I counsel with from week to week via personal in-office visits as well as phone, ZOOM, and email. The Lord has allowed me the great privilege to help many people who are looking for God’s answers to life’s difficult situations. Pray that they would discover His provision for their lives!

Pray for our senior adults who listen to my daily devotional calls. I pray they are encouraged and blessed!



Deana Troyer
Manager, Special Needs Ministry



Pray for my children (Ray Jr., Jennifer, Lisa, and Daniel) and their families, that each one would hunger and thirst after righteousness and pursue the Kingdom of God.

Pray for deepening unity with my husband, Ray, as we navigate new life stages, challenges and opportunities within our family.

Pray that I would eagerly seek God and that, most importantly, I would promptly and thoroughly act on what I hear from Him. I desire to be an agent of peace, of healing, and of reconciliation.

Pray that I would be an excellent learner as I pursue a course of instruction that could greatly impact a number of our students as well as others in the community.



Please pray for The Trellis, our new work training program, under the leadership of Sarah Womack and Susan Triggiano. Participants are currently learning how to serve in the kitchen, cafe, copy center and preschool resource room. Pray that this will turn into long-term opportunities and relationships.

Pray for our volunteers. Many have not yet been able to return due to health concerns and we are stretched right now to keep some of regular classes staffed properly, particularly Wednesday evenings.

Pray for those directly struggling with COVID or other illnesses.

Wisdom in how to best connect and serve the folks who are not able to gather at this time; direction for several families who are struggling with very difficult situations and do not have clear paths to follow

Adult VBS Retreat – We have to make a decision about this year’s retreat in the next few weeks. Again, we need God’s wisdom.