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WATCHMAN – Week of 9/27/20

WATCHMAN – Week of 9/27/20





Dr. Ken Whitten
Senior Pastor


Thank you for the positive feedback about our study in I John. It was a rich study for me personally. Would you join me in asking God what our church body needs to study next on Wednesdays and Sundays?

I’m grateful for the way our church family has responded to re-gathering. We all know how the enemy is working overtime to divide the Body of Christ (masks-no masks, etc.). Please pray for those who are still worshipping on-line. As your Pastor, I can tell you these are the most challenging days and months I have ever experienced in ministry. It’s hard to shepherd people you can’t see, and it is very difficult for members to feel connected when they are away physically from the church body. Would you pray God will give us grace to know how to shepherd well. Please pray for protection, medically, for everyone in our church family.

As Ginny and I celebrate 31 years as “Pastor and People” on October 4, thank you for all the love, support, prayers, and grace you have given to us and all of our family. We are forever indebted to you for that kindness. Please hear me say, “I sure do love you!”

I am so happy about our choir and orchestra coming back on October 4. Please pray for their protection.

I want to give a big shout out to:

Pastor Edgar Aponte, Yerusha and the Local Missions Ministry – for 1000’s of people they have been feeding and for the volunteers who have been serving, carrying meals, and sharing the gospel.

Recreation Ministry and Jacob Martin and his team of staff and coaches for a great job as they have been regathering in our soccer leagues. Great work, Jacob!

Pastor Jay Sanders and the College Ministry for leading the College Ministry on 21 days of fasting and prayer.

Greg Murphy for leading 100’s of our members to be more prayerful, and for all the Zoom Prayer Meetings they engaged in during this pandemic.

Pastor Patrick, Andy Schelb, and all of our Tech Ministry staff members for the many Saturdays they Zoomed in a great worship experience for the kids.


Brian McDougall
Executive Pastor



Diana: Please continue to pray for Diana as she continues to search for relief from her back issues. Please continue to pray for God’s healing for Diana’s back.

Dad: Thank you for your continued prayer for Dad to be able speak more clearly and to swallow better, both issues are residual effects from a stroke. Dad is very weak these days, please pray for physical strength and mental peace. Thanks for your continued prayers for my very godly 97 year old Dad.

Leta: For my sister, that she will have health, courage and strength as she is the full time caregiver for my Dad. Thanks for continuing to pray for Leta.

Logan and Aimee: Please pray for this new Mom and Dad as they balance out work and care for our newborn grandson.

Lauren and Gabe: Thanks for continuing to pray for Gabe and Lauren as they continue to enjoy being newlyweds.

Brian: I would appreciate your prayers for me to more effectively find time for fitness and rest. Also to hear very clearly from God regarding his direction for our Church so I can help Pastor Ken lead our Church in these unparalleled times.



Church Vision and Mission: That our members would engage in the Vision and Mission of the Church

LEAD: That LEAD(Leadership Engagement and Discipleship) would be effective in thousands of Idlewild members discovering their spiritual gifts, being equipped therein and serving in the area that God has planned for them (Eph. 2:10, 4:11-12). Please pray that members will “Join the Movement” moving from no ministry and or mission involvement to actively serving where God wants them to serve.

Accelerate: While this program to pay off the debt of the Church is behind plan due to Covid19 issues, we are still praying that God would move amongst his people to pay off the debt of the Church in 2021.

Giving: That we would all continue to be generous in our giving even during these Covid19 times. Praising the Lord for members continuing to be faithful to give during these challenging times.

Please pray that all Idlewild members would joyfully have 1,000s of gospel conversations with those that are far from God.

Pray for families in our community that are being effected by COVID19 in many ways, i.e. health, anxiety, financial, etc..

That our entire Church would draw close to God and each other during these challenging times of Covid19. That we would become a stronger people of prayer. That many would come to Christ. That God would be glorified.

We are Praising God that we have been able to now fully ReGather to on campus ministries. More and more people are returning to on campus ministry each week.

As we work on our 2021 Ministry Plan, please pray that we would hear from God on how to anticipate the future considering many factors, but especially COVID19. Please pray for all of us as we prepare, communicate, review and approve the 2021 Ministry Plan between now and mid November.

Please pray for wisdom for me.

Please pray for Revival in our Church.





Reno Zunz
Minister, Caring Ministry



Thank you for your prayers on behalf of Sherri and me. Please pray for continued grace towards our lives, marriage, family, and ministries.

My stepmother Samantha is still under lockdown at her ALF(6 months). Please pray for them and all of our precious members and families who are in situations like this.

Please pray for our neighbors. I meet weekly with my neighbor John. Please pray for salvation for his wife and also for George across the street.

Pray for my mother and step-father in Georgia. They are in an independent living apartment but have many health issues. My sister is recently divorced and also lives in Georgia. She is reading her Bible and growing in her faith. Her daughter, my niece, is getting married this month, and I will be traveling there to officiate the wedding.

Sherri is working at a doctor’s office part-time. Pray for those in the office of Dr. E.

Our boys and their wives and children are all affected by the virus as well. Thank you for your faithful prayers for them: Jonathan & Megan(Abby & Micah); David & Janell(Adele & Ezra); Andy & Jenna – Charlie is their dog :>)



That God would direct our Member Care Ministry daily to give our all to assist members through their difficult times. This is particularly important right now as so many have been affected by the coronavirus.

Please pray for our amazing Ministry Assistants: Linda Sienkiewicz and Lainey Bock.

That God would bless Deana Troyer as she leads our Special Needs Ministries, granting her wisdom and energy and strength, and would provide workers that love the students.

That the Lord would watch over our Idlewild widows and provide for all of their needs, physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Our JOY Ministry through Pastor Phillip and Rachel Krutsinger is reaching out to our widows as are our deacons.

Please pray for our 2020 Deacon Leadership. Chairman Mike Weilant, 1st Vice Chairman Jeremy Enns, 2nd Vice Chairman Campbell Middlebrooks, Secretary Steve Hicks, Treasurer Keith Brickell, Yokefellow Coordinators Don Enoch and Bill Alford.

Pray for our foster families as they seek to help rescue at-risk children. Please pray for more families to sense the call to this vital ministry. Pray for our training and for many relationships we are developing in our community with foster families through the Care Portal, a tool to meet the urgent needs of these families.



Greg Murphy
Minister, Family Care



Please continue to pray for Lynn and Isabella and me to be transformed by the renewing of our minds. (Rom. 12:2) Pray that we will each be renewed in knowledge in the image of the Creator of our new identities in Christ Jesus. (Col. 3:10)

COVID restrictions have been lengthy in Austin, TX. Austin has also changed laws in the last month to be less supportive of life and safety as I understand. Please pray for the ministry of the churches there including that of our daughter Rebecca and growing family – Robert, Joshua (2+ years) and Caroline Rose. (10 months -crawling and trying to walk) Please pray for salvation and safety and health for the little ones and for guidance for and blessings on the family. Joshua and Caroline are still really enjoying each other

Please continue to pray for my mother, Sarah, who is in a Care Facility in NC. She has been in lock down during the virus season. Your prayer are so appreciated for her. 4 nurses in her facility have COVID. Pray for their healing and for the health of my Mom and the patients. Patients will be able to receive visitors on a limited basis in Nov. if COVID doesn’t spread. Pray for the Lord to fill her days with His Word and the encouragement and blessing of His presence. Pray for her to encounter the Holy Spirit’s presence each day and to maintain a sharp mind and to be able to be fellowship with the body of Christ. Please pray for her to be physically comfortable.

Please pray for direction and wisdom for Isabella as she pursues education, career, and other goals.

Please pray that the Lord will take me deeper in prayer and study and to be continually filled with the Spirit to enjoy the richest fellowship with the Lord and pray the same for my family and for the body of Christ at Idlewild. Thank you for your prayers.



Pray for the church to pray for their neighbors they have met during this season. Go to for a free resource to use to help you know your neighbors and to pray for them.

We are continuing to meet many people in my neighborhood and to engage in discussions and friendship. Please pray for the Lord to let these encounters lead to salvation and discipleship for my neighbors. We are enjoying these folks in the process.

There has been so much to pray for as we all know including sickness to health, jobs, economy, people to turn to God, people to know Christ, our government leaders, peace and safety in our cities, our law enforcement, God’s wisdom and perspective, families, clarity and direction in cultural matters, exposure of the adversary’s motives and devices, and the list goes on. Remember to give thanks each day and to renew your minds. Be encouraged and refreshed that God is sovereign and is on His throne. He never leaves us or forsakes us. He never sleeps or slumbers. He loves us and cares for us. He will be faithful. Pray for the church and community and nation as things reopen and people regather.

Please pray for classes, meetings and prayer meetings happening on line and now in person. We know that God is not limited by time, space, sickness, circumstances, etc. but that He transforms them. Pray for God’s purposes to be accomplished as we regroup.

Please pray for the younger generations especially to know the Word of God in such a way as to be strong against the cultural attacks on the crucial doctrines and principles of Christianity. Pray that God’s Word will be widely known and that the enemy will not succeed in distorting the message, language and impact of the Bible. As the world, through many forms of culture and media including music, TV, streaming, social media, etc. is misrepresenting the language, names, themes, context, etc. of the Bible we call on the Holy Spirit of truth to clear the muddy waters and let Christ be exalted and the Kingdom of God advance in the hearts of people. Pray for the church to stand strong and not to falter or be distracted, misled, divided or weakened by the enemy’s current assault.

Pray that God will bring awakening and raise up laborers and that the culture will be freshly permeated with the Word of God.

Please pray that the Holy Spirit will move the church toward repentance and revival and fresh power and obedience in relationship with Jesus.

Please pray for the elections that God will appoint godly leaders and statesmen at every level of government. Pray for our current leaders for strength, godliness, direction, and endurance.

Please Pray for Linda Sienkiewicz, who is the Ministry Assistant in Family Care and for Lainey Bock who is the Ministry Assistant to Pastor Reno in Member Care. Please pray for them as they currently assist in the many areas of the Family Care/Caring Ministry.

Please pray for Pastor Reno and our decision counseling team including team leaders Bill and Carol Sutton, Brian Pate and Lee Richards. This team loves to minister and to assist people in knowing Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. Many of our counselors have had opportunities to counsel with those trusting Christ for salvation even during this time of online worship services.



Phillip Hanes
Minister, Biblical Guidance & Senior Adults



For Mary and I as we seek to continue to be in the center of God’s will for our lives.

For our three children (Christopher, Jennifer, and Michael), our one daughter-in-law (Megan), and our two granddaughters (Caroline and Harper Mae) – whom we love with all our hearts!

For our fathers – Mary’s dad, Frank Patrick (age 88) and my father, Fred Hanes (age 93) – that the Lord would continue to bless them both with good health, strength, and joy as they continue to walk with Him!

For my older sister Diane who lives in Apopka. She is currently on the National Kidney Transplant List awaiting a donor match in order for her to receive a new kidney and discontinue the dialysis treatments she has been dealing with for the past three and a half years since her kidney disease was diagnosed.

Also for Mary’s older sister Carla who recently had her left knee replaced . Pray for healing, physical therapy, and successful rehab as she adjusts to her new joint.



For the team I serve with – Rachel Krutsinger, our JOY Ministry Ambassador and Jinnie Stephenson, my ministry assistant. These ladies love the Lord and His people and they are a blessing to so many folks!

For our Bible Fellowship Groups, many of whom have returned to our campus on Sunday mornings, to still remain centered on the study of God’s Word during these days.

Thank you for your prayers for our ongoing support groups who have adapted to our changing situation and are staying connected to encourage one another through these pandemic days.

For the countless number of folks I counsel with from week to week via personal in-office visits as well as phone, ZOOM, and email. The Lord has allowed me the great privilege to help many people who are looking for God’s answers to life’s difficult situations. Pray that they would discover His provision for their lives!



Deana Troyer
Manager, Special Needs Ministry


Pray that I would eagerly seek God and that, most importantly, I would promptly and thoroughly act on what I hear from Him.

Pray for deepening unity with my husband, Ray, as we navigate new life stages and opportunities within our family.

Pray for my children (Ray Jr., Jennifer, Lisa, and Daniel) and their families, that each one would hunger and thirst after righteousness and pursue the Kingdom of God.


Continued wisdom and discernment as we welcome folks back into ministry activities, providing as safe an environment as possible

Ministry families – Pray that they would be strengthened and encouraged, as many are weary, some are sick, others battle discouragement. Some older teens and adult students live in group homes which have been locked down for months and have not allowed even family members to visit. The isolation has been difficult. We also must thank God that most have been protected from the virus.

Modifications – Praise! We’ve been so happy with how well our students have adapted to the many changes we’ve implemented. I’m thankful for the prayers that contributed to this success.

Presentation – Our crew has begun work on the program for this year. They are very excited about it and are looking forward to some new experiences this year.

New opportunities – As we learn more about the capacities and desires of our students, we are working toward a new class for Sundays and a new training program for service within the church and the community. Pray with us for guidance as we seek God’s best for each of the individuals whom He has entrusted to our care.