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Week of 2-24-19

Week of 2-24-19



Jordan Richmond
Minister, Music and Worship



  1. Wisdom for better financial management (and corresponding discipline)
  2. For profound personal worship experiences
  3. For meaningful spiritual discussions with my kids
  4. For greater unity and opportunity in my marriage
  5. That we would walk in God’s abundant, and good plan He has uniquely for us



  1. Wisdom in programming the NYC trip in June (WILD)
  2. Gospel opportunities on the May NYC trip (Memorial Day)
  3. Effectiveness in leading worship on Sundays and Wednesday’s. That somehow the music we do, the words we speak, and the experiences we craft would be more than just our best efforts. But that they would be effective so that God would “inhabit the praises of His people”
  4. That we would attract excellent musicians and that we would develop effective methods to help them grow spiritually and artistically.
  5. That we as a staff would model our mission



Phillip Hanes
Minister, Biblical Guidance & Senior Adults


  1. Please pray for our newest granddaughter (Harper Mae Hanes). She will be two months old this week and she is scheduled for surgery at Shands Hospital in Gainesville to correct a problem with her larynx.
  2. 2, Mary and I appreciate your prayers for our family: Our son Christopher, his wife Megan, our two granddaughters (Caroline and Harper Mae); our daughter Jennifer; and our son Michael.
  3. Prayers for my dad (Fred Hanes) as he celebrates his 92nd birthday on February 27th.
  4. Prayers for Mary and an upcoming medical health procedure.
  5. Thank you for lifting me up in my ministry as a counselor and ministry leader here at church.



  1. Prayers for the class I teach each Sunday morning at 8 o’clock – Steadfast Seekers. Currently we are studying the book of Colossians.
  2. Lift up our JOY Ministry as we work to encourage seniors to be engaged in their faith and their walk with Christ!
  3. Pray for all of our support group leaders as they share hope with hurting people every week!
  4. Thank you for praying for my ministry team – Suzanne Peterson, Jinnie Stephenson, and Rachel Krutsinger.
  5. Please pray for our iWork job fair that is scheduled for March 16th – which those needing work can find a new place of employment!


Jay Sanders
Minister, College


  1. That I will fight for my time with Christ every day.
  2. Lead and serve my wife well.
  3. Personal Holiness.
  4. That I will have the discipline to take care of my physical body
  5. That I will surround myself with godly men that can help me grow as a Christ follower, leader, and husband.


  1. Summer Missions planning to NY, Mumbai, Guatemala, and the UK.
  2. Continued wisdom in developing our student leaders who are future culture shapers.
  3. That we will see more men in our ministry develop a deep affection for Christ.
  4. Open doors this Fall at the University of Tampa
  5. That we will be a ministry that connects people to God and others.


Dana Hardee
Coordinator, Men’s Ministry

  1. Men to register, attend and bring their friends and family to A Night with Tony Evans March 8
  2. A family situation to be successfully resolved in God’s timing
  3. Wisdom & Guidance in leading 2 mission trips, a) to Cuba; b) to New York City



Diana Schell
Director, Preschool Ministries


My sister-in-law, April Rodriguez, committed suicide on the 23rd. She leaves behind my brother, a son (15), a daughter (13) and an adult daughter (23). She was a Pasco County Sheriff’s Officer. She was loved by many and will be greatly missed. Please pray for peace and comfort for our family. My prayer is that through this tragedy my brother and his children are brought closer to the Lord. They attended IBC many years ago and have not attended since. My brother is my ONE.