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Week of 4/5/20

Week of 4/5/20


Dr. Ken Whitten
Senior Pastor


Pray for the Idlewild church body to draw close to the Lord during this time of separation and “social distancing.” Pray for revival to permeate and open our hearts to what God is wanting to do in our lives.

Pray for the health of our pastors as they work to find new and creative tools and methods to minister to Idlewild members and the Tampa Bay area during the COVID-19 pandemic. Our pastors and staff are contacting every member to make sure spiritual and physical needs are being met.

Pray for my spiritual and physical health. Pray that my heart will continue to hunger and thirst for Jesus.

Pray for our son, Philip Whitten (with One More Child) in his ministry to distribute food to area schools.

Pray for our Technical and Production Team as they work long hours to support the “new normal” of ministry at Idlewild and meet the greater demands on their skills, knowledge, time, and talents.

Pray for the distribution of the books on prayer being mailed this week to every Idlewild household. May God use it to draw us close to Him, open our hearts to commune with Him in a refreshing way, and to experience revival as we pray scripture to Him during our personal prayer, praise, and worship time.

Pray for our city:

For our area schools and teachers to find effective methods to continue the education of our children

For the safety of our healthcare professionals

For the safety of our military personnel and police forces

For godly wisdom for our civic and civil leaders

For the health and stability of area churches to rise up and be the body of Christ to a lost and fearful world

I am very happy to share that Yerusha Bunag has received a promotion to be Idlewild’s Local Missions Director. She has been a faithful ministry assistant to me and will do a great job in this new position. Pray for her as she begins this important role during this demanding time.

Join me in welcoming back Marsha Fitzgerald who will step into Yerusha’s role as my executive assistant. You will remember she has served with Pastor Brian McDougall and Pastor Ken Smith as their ministry assistant. Pray for her to settle into her new role quickly, sell her home in Tennessee, and for Mike Fitzgerald’s job details.


Brian McDougall
Executive Pastor

Diana: Please pray for Diana and I as we prepare to minister to our first grand baby due in April, Praise God. Please pray that we will get to be with Logan(Son) and Aimee(Daughter in Law) and our new grandson as the C19 quarantine may delay us being with our new grandbaby and this sweet family.

Dad: He recently has had some health setbacks. Please continue to pray for Dad’s healing to speak more clearly and to swallow better, both issues are issues from a recent stroke. The latest update on Dad’s clavicle is that it is healing up nicely, thanks for your prayers. Thanks for your continued prayers for my very godly 96-year-old Dad.

Leta: For my sister, that she will have health, courage and strength as she is the full time caregiver for my Dad. Since Dad’s recent health setbacks the level of care Leta provides has to be stepped up quite a bit. Thanks for continuing to pray for Leta.

Logan and Aimee: Please pray for the continued health of Aimee and the baby. Please pray that the labor and delivery will go well.

Lauren and Gabe: Praising God for their new married life together.


Church Vision and Mission: That our members would engage in the Vision and Mission of the Church.

LEAD: That LEAD(Leadership Engagement and Discipleship) would be effective in thousands of Idlewild members discovering their spiritual gifts, being equipped therein and serving in the area that God has planned for them (Eph. 2:10, 4:11-12). Please pray that 2,020 members by the end of 2020 will “Join the Movement” moving from no ministry and or mission involvement to actively serving where God wants them to serve. Praising God for the Idlewild members signing up to serve in 650 serving roles since Join the Movement went live on 9.22.19.

Accelerate: Praising the Lord for the great progress that is being made by the generous givers of Idlewild to pay off the debt of the Church.

Giving: That we would all continue to be generous in our giving even during these Covid19 times.

Please pray that all Idlewild members would joyfully have 1,000s of gospel conversations with those that are far from God.

Please pray for God to bless a new prayer ministry called “Lost and Found” that will be praying for and reaching out to all members of Idlewild.

That our entire Church would draw close to God and each other during these challenging times of Covid19. That we would become a stronger people of prayer. That many would come to Christ. That God would be glorified.

Please pray for wisdom for me.



Reno Zunz
Minister, Caring Ministry


Please continue to cover Sherri and me with your prayers for our spiritual walks, marriage, and families.

Praise the Lord that my stepmother received her VA benefits before the current crisis with the virus. It’s a blessing to know that the resources to care for her are secured.

Our son Andy took the new job in Orlando which is a huge blessing. However there is certainly lots of uncertainty for him in the current situation with offices closed.

For daughters-in-law Megan and Janell as they wear many hats as wives and mothers of young children, and for our youngest daughter-in-law Jenna as she teaches school.

Sherri is not working this month. Her doctor plans to reopen his practice in May.

Please pray for the ministry to our neighbors. Specifically lift up: John & Michelle, Pete & Ginny, and George & Carol, all for salvation.


That God would direct our Member Care Ministry daily to give our all to assist members through their difficult times. This is particularly important right now as so many have been affected by the coronavirus.

Please pray for our amazing Ministry Assistants: Linda Sienkiewicz, Lainey Bock, and Deborah Schoeman.

At this juncture meeting as a Church Family at Easter is very unlikely. We also will reschedule a big baptism event that was scheduled in April.

That God would bless Deana Troyer as she leads our Special Needs Ministries, granting her wisdom and energy and strength, and would provide workers that love the students. It is difficult when we cannot meet together, but they are seeing each other online!

That the Lord would watch over our Idlewild widows and provide for all of their needs, physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

Please pray for our new Deacon Leadership. Chairman Mike Weilant, 1st Vice Chairman Jeremy Enns, 2nd Vice Chairman Campbell Middlebrooks, Secretary Steve Hicks, Treasurer Keith Brickell, Yokefellow Coordinators Don Enoch and Bill Alford.

Pray for our foster families during this period of social distancing. We have new families who have their very first placement! We are continuing to do support group and training online.

We are also doing our April Starting Point Membership Class online. Please pray that our newest members would catch the vision and live the mission of “Giving Ourselves Daily to Help Each One Live in the Rescuing Power of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.”


Greg Murphy
Minister, Family Care


pray for Lynn and Isabella and me to be transformed by the renewing of our minds. (Rom. 12:2) Pray that we will each be renewed in knowledge in the image of the Creator of our new identities in Christ Jesus. (Col. 3:10)

Please pray for our daughter Rebecca and growing family – Robert, Joshua (2 years) and Caroline Rose. (4 months) Please pray for salvation and safety and health for little ones and for guidance for and blessings on the family.

Please continue to pray for my mother, Sarah, who is in a Care Facility in NC. She has been in lock down during the virus season. Pray for the Lord to fill her days with His Word and the encouragement and blessing of His presence. Pray for her to encounter the Holy Spirit’s presence each day and to maintain a sharp mind and to be able to be fellowship with the body of Christ. Please pray for her to be physically comfortable.

Please pray that the Lord will take me deeper in prayer and study and to be continually filled with the Spirit to enjoy the richest fellowship with the Lord and pray the same for my family and for the body of Christ at Idlewild.


Please continue to pray during this season of 21 Days of prayer and seeking God’s face March 22-April 11 as we continue to focus on praying from God’s Word. Pray for God to encourage and uplift as we also focus as a church on the Books of John and Lamentations.

I encourage you during the Corona virus not to only watch the news but to pray through the news each time you watch or listen. There has been so much to pray for as we all know including sickness, jobs, economy, people to turn to God, people to know Christ, our government leaders and the list goes on. Remember to give thanks each day and to renew your minds. Be encouraged and refreshed that God sovereign and is on His throne. He never leaves us or forsakes us. He never sleeps or slumbers. He loves us and cares for us. He will be faithful.

Please pray for classes, meetings and prayer meetings happening on line. We know that God is not limited by time, space, sickness, circumstances, etc. but that He transforms them.

Please prepare your hearts to pray for our Nation and to go deeper in prayer with the Lord at the second IBC National Day of Prayer Breakfast. Our guest speaker will be Ken Boa. Watch and pray regarding registrations or cancellations.

Please pray for the younger generations especially to know the Word of God in such a way as to be strong against the cultural attacks on the crucial doctrines and principles of Christianity.

Pray that God will bring awakening and raise up laborers and that the culture will be freshly permeated with the Word of God.
7. Please pray that the Holy Spirit will move the church toward repentance and revival and fresh power and obedience in relationship with Jesus.

God has blessed us with a beautiful pair of prayer rooms by the Fireside room. I hope you will go by and pray over the rooms and spend some time there, but especially pray that God will raise up a powerful ministry of prayer around those rooms and also throughout the body of Christ at Idlewild.

Please Pray for Linda Sienkiewicz, who is the Ministry Assistant in Family Care and for Lainey Bock who is the Ministry Assistant to Pastor Reno in Member Care. Please pray for them as they currently assist in the many areas of the Family Care/Caring Ministry.

Please pray for Pastor Reno and our invitation counseling team including team leaders Bill and Carol Sutton, Brian Pate and Lee Richards. This team loves to minister and to assist people in knowing Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior.


Phillip Hanes
Minister, Biblical Guidance & Senior Adults


Safety and continued health for my family during this virus crisis.

For our three children (Christopher, Jennifer, and Michael), our one daughter-in-law (Megan), and our two granddaughters (Caroline and Harper Mae) – whom we love with all our hearts!


or the ministry team I work with: Suzanne Peterson as she is home recovering from a recent surgery; Jinnie Stephenson as she covers all the administrative bases in our ministry; and Rachel Krutsinger who is working tirelessly to call every one of our IBC senior adults to check on them personally during these days of a national health crisis.

For our Bible Fellowship Groups that are staying connected in creative ways and for the teachers who make it a priority to remain in a study of God’s Word together and keep up fellowship with their classes.

Thank you for your prayers for our many support groups: Celebrate Recovery, iWork, GriefShare, DivorceCare, Parents of Addicted Children, Depression Support Group, iCare, and Sister’s L.I.F.E. Groups as they creatively stay connected to one another during our time of “social distancing.”

For the countless number of folks I counsel these days. The Lord has allowed me the great privilege to connect with people by phone and by video. These are folks who are looking for God’s answers to life’s difficult situations – especially regarding worry and anxiety! Pray that they would discover His provision for their lives!


Deana Troyer
Manager, Special Needs Ministry


That my focus will be streamlined during this unusual time

That I will invest extra time in my key relationships rather than in media

That I will receive what God wants to teach me during this time


Many of our families feel the “kids-at-home crunch” at a higher level for many reasons. Pray for God’s grace and guidance as they navigate this. Some are having a very difficult time with the lack of familiar routines and with the isolation.

Our volunteers, that they, too, will be filled with God’s grace and wisdom to walk well in their own circles during this time.

Our leadership, as they seek to make wise decisions and provide opportunities for connection through alternative methods.

For financial needs of those impacted

One of our Buddy Break families has a single parent going through cancer treatment. Pray for the ability to connect with this family and serve them, without bringing risk to them.