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Week of 5/27/19

Week of 5/27/19


Dr Ken Whitten
Senior Pastor


  1. I just want to praise God for Ms. Ginny’s life! God has gifted her beyond measure! She can juggle me, grandkids, kids, aging parent, Bible teaching, taking care of others, all while wearing a boot! Please pray her foot will heal.
  2. Praise that Ms. Ginny was able to move her mom, Mrs. Vincent, into a nursing home. Please pray for all the additional paperwork that needs to be completed. We are thankful for Idlewild members who helped us with legal counsel and with the move.
  3. Praise, our granddaughter, Precious Harris, is graduating high school this week. We are so thankful for the work God is doing in her life, and we are so thankful to have her in our family.
  4. Please pray for me as I prepare to dive back into the book of James and apply those truths into our daily life.
  5. Continue to pray for our health and protection as we enter the summer months.



  1. Please be in prayer for our upcoming camps: Middle School, High School, and VBS. Pray for lives to be transformed by the Gospel whether through conversion or rededication to Jesus. Pray that the families will follow the kids in the decisions they make.
  2. Praise God with me for the wonderful Accelerate report we had. Pray for wisdom for our leaders as they oversee this campaign. Continue to pray that our debt will be eliminated so 2.6 million of our budget can go directly into our ministries.
  3. Be in prayer for those who made decisions for Christ this year so far. Pray that God will help us connect with them and get them in a growing discipleship path.
  4. Pray that our own people will continue to reach their one through evangelism and discipleship.
  5. Finally, pray for this Pastor here. Pray that God will continue working in my life and my walk with Jesus. Pray He will show me innovative ways to reach the lost, and wisdom to engage the culture while remaining true to His Word. Pray that His Spirit moving through the hearts of our church to win this city for Christ.


Brian McDougall
Executive Pastor


  1. Diana: Please pray for Diana to have strength and favor as she does such a great job with all the details for Lauren’s wedding.
  2. Dad: For peace, joy and strength for my 95 year old Dad.
  3. Leta: For Leta, my sister, that she will have health, courage and strength as she is the full time caregiver for my Dad.
  4. Tim: Thanks for your prayers for Tim. He came through the knee replacement surgery well, but is dealing with some recovery complications now. Please continue to pray for Tim to fully recover from this surgery.
  5. Logan and Aimee: For my son and daughter in law to continue to grow closer to God and each other as a newlywed couple. Praising the Lord as Logan and Aimee just celebrated one year of marriage.
  6. Lauren: Please pray for Gabe and Lauren that God would favor their wedding celebration June the 1st with good weather and a ceremony and celebration that are encouraging to our family, friends and honoring to our Lord.
  7. Gabe: For Lauren’s “husband to be” for God’s favor as he prepares for the wedding, their home and honeymoon.



  1. Church Vision and Mission: That our members would engage in the Vision and Mission of the Church.
  2. LEAD: That LEAD(Leadership Engagement and Discipleship) would be effective in thousands of Idlewild members discovering their spiritual gifts, being equipped therein and serving in the area that God has planned for them (Eph. 2:10, 4:11-12).
  3. My Ministry Assistant: Please pray that my new Ministry Assistant starting May 28th will assimilate well into the staff and feel very welcome.
  4. Staff: To fill the open positions with God’s perfect candidates. That new staff members would assimilate effectively and quickly into the work and culture of Idlewild.
  5. Accelerate: Praising the Lord for the great progress that is being made by the generous givers of Idlewild to pay off the debt of the Church.


Reno Zunz
Minister, Caring Ministry


  1. Please continue to cover Sherri and me with your prayers for our spiritual walks, marriage, and families.
  2. Pray for Sherri as she seeks to be a good ambassador for Christ in her job as part-time Registered Nurse in Dr. E’s Office.
  3. Please pray for our ministry to our neighbors.
  4. For Sherri as she continues to teach the Women of Excellence Group on Sunday mornings.
  5. My sister Karen in Georgia is apparently having some marital issues. Please pray that God would work through this situation and draw her, her husband, and their daughter to Christ.
  6. For daughters-in-law Megan and Janell as they wear many hats as wives and mothers of young children.
  7. Our youngest son Andy in Orlando is having lower back pain. This is a concern as he carries a blood antigen that causes arthritis. Please pray that he will get a proper diagnosis and treatment. Pray for trust in the Lord through this.


  1. That God would direct our Member Care Ministry daily to give our all to assist members through their difficult times.
  2. Pray for my Ministry Assistant Lainey as she adjusts to motherhood with her daughter Olivia. Pray for Deborah as she fills in for Lainey in this very busy ministry.
  3. Pray for our Foster Care Ministry and the Foster Parents Morning Out on June 8.
  4. That God would bless Deana Troyer as she leads our Special Needs Ministries, granting her wisdom and energy and strength, and would provide workers that love the students. We are so grateful for our SN Team!
  5. That the Lord would watch over our Idlewild widows and provide for all of their needs, physically, emotionally, and spiritually.
  6. For our Deacon Leadership this critical year: Cary Gaylord(Chairman); Andy Whitten(1st Vice Chairman); Clinton Dailey(2nd Vice Chairman); Mike Ruckman(Secretary); Charles Tipton(Treasurer); and Dana Hardee and Don Enoch(Yokefellow Coordinators).


Greg Murphy
Minister, Family Care


  1. Please pray for me to hear the Lord clearly in prayer through His Word and apply and implement what He says, but first to abide in Christ and to increase my time with Him each day. Pray for the Lord to take me deeper in study and personal worship
  2. Our grandson, Joshua, is a year old and Robert and Rebecca are expecting number 2. Thank you for your prayers. Please pray for health and salvation all live in Texas. Pray for his salvation and for guidance for and blessings on the family.
  3. Please pray for Lynn to be blessed in her roles as wife and mother and now loving her first grandson. She is a blessing to me each day and as she serves along side of me in ministry, prayer, Starting Point, and the “Christ in Us” group.
  4. Please continue to pray for direction and the Lord’s blessings on Isabella’s life in the next 5 to 10 years, which are important years for making lasting life decisions. Pray for leadership in education as she is graduating fro high school and beginning college. Pray for continued growth and wisdom in daily Bible study and fellowship in the Holy Spirit.
  5. Please pray for my mother, Sarah. She continues to live in a Care Facility in NC. Pray for the Lord to fill her days with His Word and the encouragement and blessing of His presence. Pray for her to encounter the Holy Spirit’s presence each day and to maintain a sharp mind and to be able to be in the Word of God and fellowship with the body of Christ. Please pray for her to be physically comfortable.


  1. Please pray that the Lord will bless us freshly with His presence and stir our hearts toward living consistently in His holiness. Pray that we will call on His name and seek His person, purposes, presence and His ways. Pray that we will adjust to His Word and worship Him in Spirit and Truth. Pray that He will draw the lost to Himself in salvation through our witness.
  2. Please pray that the Lord will use the new prayer webpage and other new prayer media to motivate prayer in His church including through the Watchman prayer wall, Praylude, the prayer room and other prayer groups and ministries. Please pray for hearts to be stirred toward the Lord and prayer by the scripture and quotes on the PRAY list on Wednesday nights.
  3. God has blessed us with a beautiful pair of prayer rooms by the Fireside room. I hope you will go by and pray over the rooms and spend some time there, but especially pray that God will raise up a powerful ministry of prayer around those rooms and also throughout the body of Christ at Idlewild. I believe we are at the beginning of what God may do through prayer.
  4. Please Pray for Linda Sienkiewicz, who is the Ministry Assistant in Family Care and for Lainey Bock who is the Ministry Assistant to Pastor Reno in Member Care. Please pray for them as they currently assists in the many areas of the Family Care/Caring

Phillip Hanes
Minister, Biblical Guidance & Senior Adults


  1. Thank you for your faithful prayers for Mary & me and our family! Your encouragement is always a blessing!


  1. Thank you for your prayers for our team in Biblical Guidance, Life Discovery, and our JOY Ministry! Suzanne Peterson, Jinnie Stephenson, and Rachel Krutsinger are loving, caring, and ready to serve our church family every day!
  2. Keep praying for our 16 Senior Adult Bible Fellowship Group teachers! Every Sunday they open God’s Word to share with their classes, encouraging them to be different because of the difference that Jesus makes in their lives!
  3. Special prayer is needed for Sheree’ Minton. She and her husband Ken lead our DivorceCare Ministry every Monday night. Last month, Sheree’ was diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma and is now undergoing cancer treatments for this disease. Pray that the Lord will be a great encouragement to the Minton’s.
  4. Our next JOY Ministry luncheon will be on Thursday, June 20th in the Gatheria. We will enjoy a “A Stroll In The Park” as we learn about the artistic ministries of some of oour IBC folks.
  5. Continues prayers for the people I counsel each week. God is able to provide healing as they submit to His work in their lives!