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What Can God Use?

What Can God Use?

Thursday afternoon’s agenda was to evangelize door to door and tell people about the possibility of a new Baptist church opening in their village.  Our group consisted of a translator, a couple from the local church, and 4 members from the trip.  The first house we stopped at looked very similar to the other houses we had visited on the previous days.  Little did our group realize what God had planned for this house, and a special little child named Elliot.

While Tiffany was sharing the Gospel with two ladies in the house, my friend Gary and I sat outside discussing how hospitable the Costa Rican people were to our teams.  Then we noticed a small child running around the yard in a 12 month onesie and one sandal.  To our surprise, he was talking and we instantly could tell something was different.  The female member (Olbi) from the local church informed us Elliot was a dwarf and was actually 3 years old.. After playing with him, I slipped over to the driveway and began to pray asking for Tiffany’s words to be clear and that the women’s hearts would be opened to God’s truth.  I ended the prayer with saying “Lord, I can’t even imagine how difficult little Elliot’s life is and will be, and if there is any kind of comfort you can provide him, please do it.”  I opened my eyes and took a few steps towards Gary, who was sitting on a bench by the house. Then I noticed a tiny brown shoe lying on the ground.  Thinking that was odd, I took another couple of steps and there was the matching shoe.  Instantly, I remember thinking “did that really just happen?”. I handed the shoes to Olbi, who placed them on Elliot.  They were a little too big.  I proceeded to tell Gary what happened, and he made me explain it to him again.  We were both speechless.

Gary and I then walked to the driveway and looked in the back yard, which had a multitude of items considered “junk” in the US a broken surfboard, some rusty outdoor light fixtures, used car tires, and grass higher than your ankles.  Nonetheless, Elliot was running all over the place just being a kid getting into everything and playing with a little red ball.  About this time, the group walked out of the house so Gary and I walked towards Elliot to tell him we were leaving. What do you think he was carrying in his hands as he was walking over to us? I absolutely couldn’t believe what I was seeing – it was a brand new pair of white shoes.  Gary looked at the shoes and said “Ryan, there isn’t a speck of dirt on these”.  They are brand new!”  Our team could have walked all day in that village and never found another new pair of shoes.  You can probably imagine the emotions that Gary and I felt as we slipped the shoes on little Elliot’s feet. Of course, they fit perfectly.

As our team discussed the story later, and I have had the opportunity to share it with numerous people, I continue to be tremendously humbled by what God did for little Elliot that day, and am glad that we were able to experience this tiny miracle.  Proof positive that God is everywhere and He can do anything if we will just ask Him for His help instead of relying on our own resources. 

The picture above is of little Elliot with Tiffany who was able to share the gospel at his house.  I think you will agree these are the brightest white shoes you will ever see.  To God be the glory!

Ryan Rase

* Our next Costa Rica Mission Trip is on 4/28/12 to 5/5/12. Contact our Idlewild On Mission ministry at 813-264-8727 or e-mail us at