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Women’s Training Recap – Final Sound Bite

Women’s Training Recap – Final Sound Bite

Whitney Capps recently wrote a Bible study We Over Me. The study came from her thoughts on being sick of living for me. She also has discerned that there is a subculture doing “church universal” and thinking that connection in His local Body is not critical to their spiritual health. Who sold that lie?

Whitney affirmed those that long to see the local church displaying God’s beauty by walking through biblical teaching on the church. Some of her points:

  • Church is just plain hard at times and so people quit the local Body or church hop.
  • We forget that God is madly in love with His Bride, the local church. He writes the local church. He considers the local church eternal, just as His children are. Jesus will sustain His Bride. The local church matters because she matters to Jesus.
  • Hyper focused consumers don’t get church and they do not help her.
  • If you want to change the kingdom, go home and sevre in your church.

Thank God for the local church. Through a local Body that knows us: our flesh is crucified (if we refuse to be offendable), we have the right kind of community (united, diverse but one), accountability is uncomplicated and real, perseverance is encouraged, sanctification is cultivated, and disciple makers are made. I was reminded that transparency isn’t just owning all the junk but growing too, the Gospel works.

In summary, The church is His Bride, she should be valued and her bridesmaids should help her. From Whitney: “fluff her veil”!