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Women’s Training Recap – Intro

Women’s Training Recap – Intro

Training is a great and necessary part of enhancing leadership. I just spent four days in much needed training. The thing with training is that in the midst of it, I hear and I’m inspired, but as soon as I leave the training event I forget…a lot. Turns out I’m a forgetful person who is set in her ways. I really need reminders and encouragement to change.

I’ve learned over the years that if I share what I learn, I am more likely to grow. So I’m writing a few blogs on the sound bites from my training with the hope that you and I  will be encouraged. Know there is a remnant of women continually in prayer and study, hopeful to represent Him well and to uplift all women through His Bride, the church.

My training included small groups on leading anxious women in anxious times, the mission field of abortion, the guide to navigating the rainbow, highlighting the big idea of Scripture from Genesis to Revelation (I love the metanarrative), and professionalism in ministry and the marketplace. There were many other sessions that I didn’t get to as simultaneous training. If you want to talk about any of these topics-call me or treat me to lunch! 🙂

The general sessions were more focused on what it means to flourish as a believer. These sessions included phenomenal music with corporate praise and prayer. I believe we don’t talk about flourishing enough in our churches. We are so overwhelmed by trying to escape our dysfunction and heartache that survival is the goal. We may even resent those that seem to be flourishing. I was reminded by our first speaker, Christine Caine that “God doesn’t save me so that I would just barely get by”.

We may not understand the difference between liberation and living liberated – to know the truth that sets us free. We can live delivered but not free.

Remembering the Israelites in Deuteronomy 6, there is this tragic gap as we can be loved and saved without flourishing. Sometimes it takes years of wandering to get into His promises that have stayed the same the whole time. We forget who we are and what we are created to do.

The challenge was to consider if you were stuck in an area of unbelief. Unforgiveness? Guilt? Shame? Anger? Fear? There is a call to overcome the cycle of being a generation that dies without moving forward.

As long as we have breath (no white chalk mark around our body) then we may take one step at a time and cut off the weight and sin that holds us back, be healed (refuse the spotlight until His healing light in you), celebrate Him by getting into His Word (fill ourselves with truth), move from eating manna (just what is enough for today) to enjoying the fruit and new nutrition in the Promised Land.

I know this little bit may just bring up some questions. Good discussions should follow all sound bites….