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Working Hard In Costa Rica

Working Hard In Costa Rica

Costa Rica CollageThere was a lot of anticipation as we landed in San Jose, Costa Rica. The anticipation usually builds up when you first arrive in the country that you will be serving in. It is the realization that after all of the prayer, planning and fundraising this trip is about to happen.

We are happy to be in San Jose. We are happy that all of the work to get here is about to be rewarded. We are greeted at the airport by Pastor Jaime and he is even happier than we are, for those of you that know Pastor Jamie that comes as no surprise, he always has a smile on his face. Pastor Jaime and his friends from his church are happy to help us get to the small town of Tarcoles.

Throughout the week our time was spent doing Vacation Bible School, a marriage conference, door to door evangelism and a community service project at the local school. We also provided leadership at the Sunday and the mid week worship services at Pastor Jaime’s church.

Our first full day in Tarcoles was Sunday and as we packed into the small room that they use for their church services we realized one of their greatest needs is for a larger building. We were greeted with so much enthusiasm and love as we packed into this crowded room.

Several of us gave our testimonies and Victor served as the main speaker with a great message about “God’s GPS.” After the service the church blessed us with great fellowship as they served us lunch and then we returned to our hotel for another blessing. It was exciting to celebrate seven baptisms in the hotel pool by Pastor Jaime on Sunday and another two on Monday morning.

Sunday was the first of many busy days that we would see this week. We were blessed all week:

The community service project was to replace sections of the sheet metal roof at the school.

The Vacation Bible School included sixty children that enjoyed two days of fun with a bounce house, games, music, crafts and teaching.

The door to door evangelism was very fruitful the people that we met were very open to the gospel.

The marriage conference was attended by twelve couples

We had given it our all and we were tired as we packed into that little church building again on Thursday night for the midweek service. Once again we were greeted with the same love and enthusiasm that we experienced on Sunday. This service was the last time that we would see this group of people which included many people that helped us during the week.

After a bunch of heartfelt goodbyes the church members gradually left as we waited for our ride back to the hotel so that we could relax and get ready for bed. We were surprised by Pastor Jaime as he started gathering chairs together in a circle, he had other plans that we didn’t know about, we didn’t know it but he had something on his heart that he needed to share with us before we leave for San Jose tomorrow.

As tired as we were and as much as we wanted to get some rest we needed to sit down and hear what Pastor Jaime needed to share. As tired as we were from this one week of being on mission in Costa Rica it was nothing compared to how our pastor friend felt. We get to go home and enjoy our convenient lifestyle in Tampa as the work continues with less people there to help.

Pastor Jaime confessed that he is very tired, his wife is very tired, we saw just a small sample of the work that they do week after week. The work that we had done that week had given us a taste of what they deal with all the time. Pastor Jaime told us what we already knew about mission work:

“The harvest is great, but the workers are few. So pray to the Lord who is in charge of the harvest; ask him to send more workers into his fields.” (Matthew 9:37-38)