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You Don’t Need a Boat to Catch Big Fish

You Don’t Need a Boat to Catch Big Fish

“You Don’t Need a Boat to Catch Big Fish”

by Cris Malott
Since I was a Kid I have loved to go fishing. Not only did I love to go fishing, but I loved
everything about fishing. I can remember when I would get a new lure, and tie it on, and throw it
in the swimming pool just to see how it looked under the water. I would practice in the pool with
plastic worms to try and see if I could get a plastic worm to look real. I would spend hours doing
I hear a lot of people say that because they don’t have a boat they can’t go fishing, or it’s not as
fun. Well, this is simply not true. Do you know the biggest bass I have ever caught was 11lbs
4oz, and was caught on the bank. Some of the greatest memories I have of fishing as a kid, were
not in a boat, but on the bank. Do you know that we have some of the coolest and most fun
places to fish right here in the bay area.
Two of my favorite places to fish from the bank are both on Lake Tarpon. John Chestnut Sr. , a
Pinellas County Park is one. You can make a whole day of fun, and fishing is just the beginning.
Chestnut Park offers a board walk with a 40 foot looking tower that overlooks the lake. There are
many places to fish along the bank. One of my favorite spots is the boardwalk along the boat
ramp. If you have taken our class you will know that fish love live worms, but for some of you
crickets will be the answer, or live minnows or a plastic worm, I would try them all while
spending some time with your favorite fishing buddy here.
The other great spot is A.L. Anderson Park in Tarpon Springs. Just off of US 19, this park also
has a boardwalk you can fish from. However, this park offers a cool seawall that is close to
deeper water, and a great weed line. Again, worms work great here, both live and plastic, but this
spot offers something that can be a lot of fun. Live Shiners. Live shiners can be bought from any
bait shop, just keep them in an aerated bucket and use a 3/0 awg shiner hook. Use not weigh, but
use a large bobber or float. Hook the shiner right behind his dorsal fin about mid way to the
caudal fin.(For those who have taken our class you know right where that is), for those who
haven’t, sign up for our class, and we will be happy to teach you. Next is my favorite part, sit
back and spend that quality time with your favorite fishing buddy.(Don’t forget to watch that
bobber), when it starts to go under count to about 15 and set the hook.
Good Luck and GO FISH!!!!<><