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Zambia Trip Testimony – Hannah Allen

Zambia Trip Testimony – Hannah Allen

I have never felt more joy than I did in the two weeks that I spent in Zambia. I will treasure forever the memories of loving on the children, working around the orphanage, doing a Bible study with the house mothers and enjoying the beauty of Africa.

I experienced the love and power of God in a powerful way everyday through every moment, every challenge, every laugh and every blessing. Even though the days were long I learned to find joy in everything that we did. The small and the large task, the simple and the deep conversations, the difficult and the joyous circumstances.

The Lord taught me to look for him everywhere and to strive to see him in everything so that I could be in his presence all the time. As I became more obedient I found that he filled me with more joy.

I learned this from Amber, one of our partners in Zambia, her daily responsibilities far outweigh her ability yet she faces each situation joyfully and with a great amount of energy because of her confidence that the Lord is with her and he will provide. I was amazed at Amber and I learned so much in the two weeks that I spent with her.

I am incredibly grateful for the opportunity to go to Zambia and I pray that he will make a way for me to go again if it is his will.