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Beach Baptism


Join us on Sunday August 16th, 2020 for a time of worship and fellowship at Sand Key Beach (Clearwater) while we celebrate with our brothers and sisters who will be baptized.


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Latest Service

2 Questions From Wednesday’s Service.


  1. What exists in your life because of a prayer?

  2. If you could ask God to do anything in your life – what would you ask Him to do?


Prayer is a powerful tool that God has given us to seek peace, wisdom, and courage in the face of fear and confusion.

At Idlewild we want to respond to this pandemic not with fear but by serving those in need. If you have a need please fill out the form and we will get in touch with you to find out how we can best serve you.

If you find yourself in a position to help those in need please sign up through our service form and find out how you can volunteer, donate, give and pray during this time.

Current Information


As we continue to adjust to changing circumstances we want to keep you informed about whats going on at Idlewild.



We continue to be grateful for your faithfulness and generosity by giving online so we can continue to do ministry.


Join our pastors for devotionals in the books of John & Proverbs.


Worship with us and be encouraged during this time.


My Favorite Church Member


I know Pastors aren’t suppose to have favorite church members but this one does. No, it’s not a name you could put a face to, nevertheless, I’d be less than honest if I didn’t tell you every church has him/her, and every Pastor would tell you this person is their favorite. The reason you can’t put a face to him is because we don’t know what he looked like. Oh, he’s real, in fact Luke tells us he has a name. When Luke was telling us about the early church he introduces to us the guy who depicts all the characteristics of my favorite church member. His name was Joseph. Now, no one called him Joseph. They called him Barnabas, and his name means, “son of consolation, or son of encouragement.” He was an encourager. Those are my favorites in all of the world. Why I’ve known people who can brighten a room just by leaving it. But encouragers? Every Pastor wants a ton of them in his church. So what made Barnabas so special? Glad you asked. I think as I reflect on his life there were 4 things.


He Was a Load Lifter.. A Giver


Barnabas was a land owner, and a Levite. Levites came from a priestly tribe that really didn’t own property, because they believed God was their portion. He sold the land and laid it at the Apostles feet. He said, “ Take this and use it for someone else who might need it.” Don’t you just love generous people? Barnabas knew it’s not what you keep in the barn that multiples- it’s what you sow that multiplies. Listen.. When you die, all that you’ll hold in your hand is what you’ve given away. He who dies with the most toys, still dies. (John Campbell told me that)


He Was A Friend Finder… A Lover


In Acts 9, when the Apostle Paul received Christ, no one believed in his conversion, and people were frightened of him. James, the brother of the Lord, wanted nothing to do with him. Peter and a John wanted nothing to do with him. Andrew who was always introducing people to Jesus did nothing with him. Doubting Thomas was skeptical, no surprise. But Barnabas said, “Paul, I believe in you.” These kind of members believe in you when your friends don’t, and maybe even you don’t believe in yourself. Do you have a friend like that? I do. A friend like that comes in when the whole world goes out.


He Was A Bridge-Builder… A Helper


In Acts 11 the church at Antioch began to grow. Revival broke out and the traditional church in Jerusalem was wondering, is this wild fire or genuine fire? So they sent Barney. Acts 11:23 & 24, says he saw the grace of God and was glad. You know why? Because he was a bridge builder. Bridge builders build a bridge between the young and the old. “But I don’t understand why we don’t sing more hymns.” “Hymns? Oh please.. they are slow, and the have words in them we don’t even use anymore… who needs hymns?” We want contemporary music. But the Barnabas’ in the church understand you need both. There is great theology in both of them and isn’t that the reason we sing anyway? We sing to God, and we sing His Words and His thoughts found in His Word? Yes sir, I’m a Barnabas fan. He was a Bridge-Builder. And lastly..


He Was A Failure Fixer… A Forgiver


One time when Paul and Barnabas was getting ready to start their 2nd missionary journey, Barnabas said, “Ok I’ll grab John Mark and we’ll meet you at the ship.” Paul said, “No, No that’s not going to happen.” He a Momma’s boy. He left us last time, we’re not taking him.” And the discussion got heated. Barnabas said, ”Fine, I’ll take him.” Paul said “you can have him. I’ll take Silas.” Question.. who was right? Logically Paul was… Lovingly, Barnabas was. Know what happened? John Mark just needed someone to forgive him. He was so valuable to the ministry, just before Paul died he told Timothy, “Bring John Mark with you, he’s profitable to me in the ministry.” Profitable? Yes.. and you know why? Barnabas. Don’t you just love this guy? He knew he who has been forgiven much forgives much. Are you one of your Pastor’s favorites. You can be. Just be a Forgiver, a Helper, a Lover and a Giver, and I promise you when you die or you move to another city… I’ll weep. And I’ll miss you because you were one of my favorites. By the way.. Many many of you are my favorites, and I sure do love you and am honored to be your Pastor.

See you Sunday, June 7. You are a Barnabas to me.


-Pastor Ken


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