Lutz Campus

18333 Exciting Idlewild Blvd.
Lutz, FL 33548

Idlewild at The Springs

8209 N 19th St
Tampa, FL 33604

Iglesia Bautista Idlewild

Main Campus, Student Building, Hall 2

We value Going Over Staying: Going across the street to serve our neighbor, Going across the country to serve people of North America, and Going across the world to serve in places where Jesus is not known.

100% of gifts go to Idlewild Missions

Learn about our “Café on-the-go- coffee cart serving teachers and other hard working groups throughout the Tampa Bay area.

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Missions Team



Yerusha Bunag

Local Missions Director

Alvaro Cardozo

International Missions Director (813-865-9253)

Pam Rood

Global Missions Administrative Manager (813-865-9203)

Orchid Lewis

Foster & Adoptive Care Coordinator (813-264-8796)

Isaac Iding

Hope For Schools & Community Coordinator (813-264-8787)

Catherine Corpus

Missions Ministry Assistant (813-264-8727)

Miles Mauldin

Cafe on the Go Coordinator (813-865-9213)